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"THE AMERICAN PATRIOT SERIES"-- from author J.M. Hochstetler--enthralling historical fiction that brings the past alive! . . .

A beautiful, daring rebel spy. An enigmatic British officer in whose charm lies the greatest danger. A passion that may lead to the gallows. Set amid the tumult of Revolution, the American Patriot Series will leave you breathless . . .

Book 1

Daughter of Liberty
A beautiful rebel spy and a jaded British officer fight a war of wits and words destined to end in passionate surrender.

It's Eastertide, April 1775, and in the blockaded port of Boston the conflict between the British Regulars and the Sons of Liberty rapidly escalates toward a fateful confrontation. Caught in the deepening rift that divides Whig and Tory, Elizabeth Howard is torn between her love for her prominent parents, who have strong ties to the British establishment, and her secret adherence to the cause of liberty. By night she plays a dangerous game as the infamous courier Oriole, hunted by the British for smuggling intelligence and munitions to the patriot leaders. And by day she treads increasingly perilous ground as she flirts ever more boldly with British officers close to her parents to gain access to information the rebels so desperately need.

Elizabeth's assignment is to pin down the exact time the Redcoats will march to capture the patriots' hoarded munitions. But she hasn't counted on the arrival of Jonathan Carleton, an officer in the Seventeenth Light Dragoons. To her dismay, the attraction between them is immediate, powerful, and fought on both sides in a war of wits and words. When Carleton wins the assignment to ferret out Oriole, Elizabeth can no longer deny that he is her most dangerous foe--and the possessor of her heart.

As the first blood is spilled at Lexington and Concord, Carleton fights his own private battle of faith. Meanwhile, the headstrong Elizabeth must learn to follow God's leading as her dangerous role thrusts her ever closer to the carnage of Bunker Hill.

Book 2

Native Son
Caught between two worlds at war, he could lose everything—his country, his faith, and the woman who holds his heart captive.

Brigadier General Jonathan Carleton has pledged his allegiance to the cause of liberty, his service to General George Washington, and his heart to fiery Elizabeth Howard. But when Washington takes command of the American forces, he orders Carleton to undertake a perilous journey deep into Indian country and persuades Elizabeth to continue her work as a spy.

Captured and enslaved by the Seneca, Carleton is stripped of everything but his faith in God. At last rescued by the Shawnee, he is taken deep into Ohio Territory and adopted as the warrior White Eagle. When he rises to become war chief, he is drawn unwillingly into a bitter war against the white settlers who threaten to overrun the Shawnee's ancestral lands.

Meanwhile, as General William Howe gathers his forces to attack the outmatched Continental Army in New York City, Elizabeth despairs of ever learning Carleton's fate. But as the western frontier explodes into flame, the name of White Eagle begins to spread beyond the borders of Ohio Territory.

Book 3

Wind of the Spirit
Elizabeth Howard s assignment to gain crucial intelligence for General Washington leads her into the very maw of war at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, where disaster threatens to end the American rebellion. Yet her heart is fixed on Jonathan Carleton, whose whereabouts remain unknown more than a year after he disappeared into the wilderness. Carleton, now the Shawnee war chief White Eagle, is caught in a bitter war of his own. As unseen forces gather to destroy him, he leads the fight against white settlers encroaching on Shawnee lands while battling the longing for Elizabeth that will not give him peace. Can her love bridge the miles that separate them and the savage bonds that threaten to tear him forever from her arms?"

Book 4

Crucible of War
Brigadier General Jonathan Carleton rejoins General George Washington's army to find the patriot cause on the verge of extinction. Against all odds, in a daring gamble the American force crosses the Delaware River during a raging nor'easter to attack the Hessian outpost at Trenton. While Elizabeth Howard anxiously waits for news of the outcome, the American force wins a stunning victory, then fights the British to a draw at Princeton before vanishing into the mountain bastions around Morristown. Returning to New York, Elizabeth is drawn ever deeper into the dangerous intrigues that swirl around General William Howe--and the increasingly passionate attentions of Dr. Pieter Vander Groot, who allegiance now belongs to the rebels. When Carleton is forced to take the doctor prisoner, Elizabeth and her aunt move to Philadelphia to wait for Howe's attack on the city. With the Americans digging in at Brandywine Creek, Carleton is betrayed by a trusted aide and comes within a hair's breadth of being captured. Washington orders him to the upper Hudson Valley, where a force commanded by British General John Burgoyne closes in on Saratoga. With decisive battles looming on all fronts, Elizabeth and Carleton are once again torn from each other's arms, and this time they will face a crucible of war and trial that will test their mettle and their love to the very limits.

Book 5

Valley of the Shadow
Can he save them both from the Valley of the Shadow? Following a humiliating defeat at Philadelphia and a rival’s stunning victory at Saratoga, Washington’s army faces yet another bitter winter, this time at Valley Forge. Meanwhile, General Jonathan Carleton races to save Elizabeth Howard from the horrors of the prison ships in the British stronghold at New York, while British General William Howe plots to execute them both.  

Coming April 15, 2019!

Refiner's Fire

Book 6--"The American Patriot Series"

With Americas’ desperate fight for independence hanging in the balance, Elizabeth Howard and Jonathan Carleton are driven thousands of miles and a vast ocean apart. Will the refining fires of war sunder their lives forever?


“An outstanding series. The American Patriot books are the most complete, complex, and textured retelling of the Revolutionary War I’ve found in historical fiction. Hochstetler is not only a masterful storyteller, but a genuine historian. These are timeless classics, destined to be read—and relished—more than once.” —Jocelyn Green, award-winning author of the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War Series

“Reading J. M. Hochstetler’s The American Patriot Series is like watching a thrilling historical television mini-series. With each new season, something new enthralls the reader and keeps her coming back for more. In the long-awaited Book Five, Valley of the Shadow, Hochstetler maintains her gripping action, suspense, and star-crossed romance. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this latest installment in a very fine, meticulously researched American Revolution series.” —Louise M. Gouge, author of Then Came Love

“In Valley of the Shadow, master wordsmith J. M. Hochstetler has woven together an enthralling page turner brimming with authentic history, thrilling suspense, breathtaking description, and memorable characters. The love letters written between Jonathan and Elizabeth are among the most beautiful and emotive I’ve ever read. The golden thread running throughout this intricate tapestry depicts a loving God who will bring about the best for those who love and trust Him no matter the circumstances. I eagerly await Book Six in this amazing series, The American Patriot.” —Susan F. Craft, SIBA award-winning author of The Chamomile and Laurel

“This series about the American Revolution should be in every high school and library in the U.S. and Canada. It brings history alive with complete accuracy.” —Bonnie Toews, author of The Consummate Traitor and Treason and Triumph

“I adore the way you portray the emotions of your characters while keeping the historical aspect pure. I love the delicate balance of the romance, and how you managed to keep the tension going without it driving the reader (me) over the edge. This is really a powerful book and I can hardly wait to read the next installment.” —Patricia Riddle Gaddis, author of Battered but not Broken and Dangerous Dating
and editor of Angels column, Bauer Publishing

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J.M. Hochstetler

 J.M. Hochstetler 

"I am the daughter of Mennonite farmers and grew up in central Indiana. I am a publisher, professional editor, and award-winning author. My American Patriot Series is the only comprehensive historical fiction series on the American Revolution. The Northkill Amish Series, coauthored with Bob Hostetler, is closely based on the story of our Hochstetler ancestors, who came to this country in 1738 seeking religious freedom, only to be caught up in the savage clashes of the French and Indian War. Book 1, Northkill won Foreword Magazine's 2014 Indie Bronze Award for historical fiction. Book 2, The Return, won the Interviews and Reviews 2017 Silver Award for historical fiction and was chosen as one of Shelf Unbound's 2018 Notable Indie Books. One Holy Night, a modern-day nativity story, was selected as Christian Small Publishers 2009 Book of the Year."


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