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"RETURN TO THE CANADIAN WEST SERIES"--from authors Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan--special companion stories to the Hallmark Channel TV Series "WHEN CALLS THE HEART"

Her courage and her heart will be tested in ways she never expected...

Beth Thatcher has spent her entire life in the safe, comfortable world of her family, her friends, and the social outings her father's wealth provides. But Beth is about to leave it all behind to accept a teaching position in the rugged foothills of western Canada. Inspired by her aunt Elizabeth, who went west to teach school several years ago, and gently encouraged by her father, Beth resolves to put her trust in God and bravely face any challenge that comes her way.
But the conditions in Coal Valley are even worse than she'd feared. A recent mining accident has left the town grieving and at the mercy of the mining company. The children have had very little prior education, and many of the locals don't even speak English. There isn't even a proper schoolhouse. In addition, Beth's heart is torn between two young men--both Mounties, one a lifelong friend and the other a kind, quiet man who comes to her aid more than once.
Despite the many challenges, Beth is determined to make a difference in the rustic frontier town. But when her sister visits from the East, reminding her of all the luxuries she's had to give up, will Beth decide to return to her privileged life as soon as the school year is over?
MY REVIEW:  Written by renowned inspirational author Janette Oke, and her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan, "Where Courage Calls: A When Calls the Heart Novel" will touch and encourage the hearts of readers. When Beth Thatcher answers the call of the Canadian West, she leaves behind a life of privilege to become a teacher in the impoverished mining town of Coal Valley. Long coddled by her wealthy family, and considered to be of "sensitive" health, Beth is taking a leap of faith, inspired by her beloved and courageous Aunt Elizabeth, who years before made a similar move. What Beth discovers are living conditions far worse than she expected, but she is determined to work out the terms of her one-year teaching agreement. Complicating her days are the attentions of two Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers. One, Edward Montclair, is someone she has known for her entire life. The other, Jarrick Thornton, is a new acquaintance who becomes a kind friend. As Beth and the locals come to know each other, they each learn much from one another. Beth's faith is tested time and again, and comes back stronger each time. Despite the hardships, much about the community of Coal Valley and its residents becomes dear to Beth--when the year is over, will she return to her former life?

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She loves her friends and students in the West, but family obligations have called her home. Where does she truly belong?

After a year of teaching in the Canadian West, Beth Thatcher returns home to her family. She barely has time to settle in before her mother announces plans for a family holiday--a luxurious steamship tour along the eastern coast of Canada and the United States. Hoping to reconnect with her mother and her sisters, Beth agrees to join them, but she quickly realizes that things have changed since she went away, and renewing their close bond is going to be more challenging than she expected. 
There's one special thing to look forward to--letters and telephone calls from Jarrick, the Mountie who has stolen her heart. The distance between them is almost too much to bear. But can she give her heart to Jarrick when it will mean saying good-bye to her family once again--and possibly forever? And will she still want to live in the western wilds after the steamship tour opens up a world of people and places she never imagined?
Then comes a great test of Beth's faith. Someone in her family has trusted the wrong person, and suddenly everything Beth knows and loves is toppled. Torn between her family and her dreams, will Beth finally discover where her heart truly belongs?
A companion story to Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart TV series!
MY REVIEW:  "Where Trust Lies", from authors Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan, continues the story of Beth Thatcher, whom we first met in "Where Courage Calls", Book One in the "Return to the Canadian West" series. After her first year as a teacher in the rural Coal Valley, Canada,  Beth Thatcher returns to her family home in Toronto to await word whether or not her teaching career will continue. Leaving behind Coal Valley is harder than she had expected, especially when she also left behind a piece of her heart with Mountie Jack Thornton. Soon after her homecoming, Beth is whisked away on a steamship tour with her family, and many new experiences and acquaintances await. However, Jarrick keeps in touch with letters and phone calls--he won't let Beth forget him--and she is torn between her feelings for him and her ties to her family. When a serious family situation threatens all that Beth holds dear, she must cling to her faith and let her heart be guided by a greater power. But what will her future hold? Is she meant to return to teaching in Coal Valley, and to the man who has her heart, or will family loyalty keep her in Toronto? A wonderfully-written series from a talented mother and daughter duo. 

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Janette Oke writes with a profound simplicity of what she knows best—real life, honest love, and lasting values. With over 23 million in sales, her historical novels portray the lives of early North American settlers from many walks of life and geographical settings. She also writes engaging children's stories and inspiring gift books that warm the heart.  

Laurel Oke Logan is the daughter of Janette Oke, awarding-winning author of Christian fiction, whose bestselling books have sold over eleven million copies, and Dr. Edward Oke. Laurel grew up in a small town on the Canadian prairie with three brothers who kept life exciting and eventful.