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"Gallant Waif" by Anne Gracie--exceptionally well told Regency Romance--a story of high emotion, courage and heroism

Gallant Waif

Gallant Waif  by Anne Gracie


Kidnapped by an elderly member of the peerage!

Kate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill's offer of "charity" resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage. But the real reason behind the older woman's antics became stunningly clear upon meeting Lady Cahill's enigmatic grandson, Jack Carstairs.

Wounded in the Peninsular War, disowned by his father and dumped by his fiancee, Jack had shut himself up in his country estate, but Kate had no patience with such behavior. Suddenly, Jack found himself with a purpose, trying to steer clear of Miss Farleigh's attempts to interfere with his chosen lifestyle. Why, if he wasn't careful, Kate just might succeed in her attempts to make him want to rejoin the human race! 

The story of Major Jack Carstairs, recently returned from the Peninsular campaign badly wounded in body and spirit, and Kate Farleigh, who is hiding a shameful secret, is exceptionally well told.This is a story of high emotion, courage and heroism but never slips into sentimentality. There is sexual tension without sex scenes and the growing relationship between Jack and Kate is believable and moving.

Anne Gracie


Anne spent her childhood and youth on the move, thanks to her dad's job, which took them around the world. The gypsy life taught her that humor & love are universal languages and that favorite books can take you home, wherever you are. Anne also promotes universal literacy, flings balls for her dog, keeps bees and enjoys reading, music, cooking and her tangled garden.

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