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Author Laura Frantz--compelling historical romance--inspirational and unforgettable!

Laura Frantz, a lifelong lover of history, is the author of The Frontiersman's Daughter, Courting
Morrow Little, and The Colonel's Lady. Her latest release, Love's Reckoning, is Book One of her enthralling new inspirational historical romance series, The Ballantyne Legacy. Laura describes
herself as a Christ-follower, history lover, wife, mom, and author. She first felt called to write at the young age of seven, and she has been writing ever since. Her first love is 18th-century fiction, especially colonial history. Laura currently lives in the misty woods of Washington State with her husband and two sons. Visit Laura at  or .

Love's Reckoning (The Ballantyne Legacy, #1)

A book from exceptional author Laura Frantz is always a very special gift to readers. Her first three books were already treasured reads, each with a permanent place on my keeper shelf. Her latest work, "Love's Reckoning", is equally treasured, and now sits proudly beside "The Frontiersman's Daughter", "Courting Morrow Little", and "The Colonel's Daughter". LOVE'S RECKONING is Book One in the "Ballantyne Legacy Series", and in vividly touching detail, it tells the love story of Silas Ballantyne and Eden Lee. In the year of 1784, Silas Ballantyne has traveled far from his native Scotland, where his family was tragically lost. Seeking a new life in America, his craftsman's skill in blacksmithing earns him his keep, and he hopes to gain status as a master blacksmith. With only a short time left to complete his apprenticeship, Silas accepts a position in York County, Pennsylvania with master blacksmith Liege Lee. Unbeknownst to Silas, the Lee household is beset with lies and troubles. Prone to dark moods made worse by his drinking, Liege is a hard taskmaster both in his home and in his forge. He sees Silas not only as a boon to his business, but also as a future son-in-law for one of his two daughters. Elspeth, the oldest, is a calculating blonde beauty with a clever mind and a cold heart. Strong-willed and attention-seeking, Elspeth has borne a child out of wedlock, a secret the Lee family jealously guards. Liege and Elspeth's mother let the world believe that the baby, Jon, is their own child. Lovely and sweet, with a cascade ofred-hued curls, younger daughter Eden is gentle and nurturing by nature. Bearing her father's tirades, her mother's bouts of sadness, and the cruel resentment of her own sister, what Eden desires most of all is the freedom to live her faith, to attend church, and to read the Bible. Her father was displaced from the Quaker order for his inappropriate behavior. Never a true man of faith, he no longer observes religious customs. Bravely seeking out her own new life, Eden awaits word on whether she will be accepted for employment in a Philadelphia foundling home. When Silas Ballantyne comes to work for her father, Eden's life is forever changed. His quiet strength, kindness, intelligence, and his devout faith make him unlike any other man Eden has met. Elspeth sets her cap for the handsome Scot, and Eden loses her heart to him, but Silas has no desire to marry. His one goal has always been to become a master blacksmith and head West. However, a certain tender-hearted girl with titian hair invades his thoughts, and soon his own heart longs for more than a life of ceaseless hard work. When Silas learns of Eden's thirst for The Word, he leaves her notes of Scripture, and eventually, when they are able to steal moments away in a dimly-lit stairwell, he reads the Bible to her, both in his Scots-burred English, and in his native Gaelic. These precious moments are so beautifully written that I could hear his low burred tone as he gently introduced her to the written word of the Lord, and I could feel her tremulous emotions as she thrilled to the promise the words held. Eden and Silas endure much, including a long separation, before love's reckoning has its way. Once they face each other again, much has changed. Will the pledge of enduring love given so long ago reunite two yearning hearts? Will the promise of abiding faith be fulfilled? The writing of Laura Frantz is exquisitely-detailed, beautifully-etched, and rich in history. The story lines are deeply-drawn and the characters are fully-fleshed. Perhaps the most compelling skill of this awesome author is her ability to capture and present the immediacy of her characters, allowing us to anticipate their emotions and participate in their thoughts. Highly recommended--not just for lovers of inspirational historical romance, but for anyone who seeks out extraordinary storytelling.

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LOVE'S AWAKENING--Book 2 The Ballantyne Legacy Series

Ellie Ballantyne, youngest child of Silas and Eden, has left finishing school. But back at her family home in Pittsburgh, Ellie finds that her parents are away on a long trip and her siblings don't seem to want her to stay. When she opens a day school for young ladies, she begins tutoring the incorrigible daughter of the enemy Turlock clan. The Turlocks are slaveholders and whiskey magnates, envious of the powerful Ballantynes and suspicious of their abolitionist leanings. As Ellie becomes increasingly tangled with the Turlocks, she finds herself falling in love with an impossible future--and Jack Turlock, a young man striving to free himself from his family's violent legacy. How can she betray her family and side with the enemy? And will Jack ever allow her into his world?

Masterful storyteller Laura Frantz continues to unfold the stirring saga of the Ballantyne family in this majestic tale of love, loyalty, and the makings of a legacy. With rich descriptions of the people who settled and civilized a wild landscape, Frantz weaves a tapestry of characters and places that stick with the reader long after they turn the last page.

The Colonel's Lady

I appreciate fine craftsmanship, and never more so than in the creation and presentation of the books that I read. The name Laura Frantz on the cover of a book guarantees exquisite wordsmithing, rich historical detail, and the subtly shaded story art of a gifted author. In THE COLONEL'S LADY, Ms. Frantz again opens wide the American Colonial Frontier, reminding us of the exciting and turbulent world of 1700's America. Colonel Cassius McLinn is the commander of a sparingly outfitted, rugged Kentucky military post. In the aftermath of a traumatic battlefield incident, McLinn thinks that he has mortally wounded his own scrivener, the man who served as his secretary and transcriber. The dying man exacts a promise from McLinn, asking him to look after his daughter, Roxanna. Overwhelmed with guilt and grief, Cassius readily agrees. Upon his return to the fort, he is taken aback to discover that Roxanna has come to the fort toreunite with her father. Not only must Colonel McLinn inform Roxanna of her father's death, he must also decide how best to handle her care and provide for her future. How long can he keep his terrible secret? Roxanna proves to be a delightful surprise, capable and uncomplaining, and soon Cassius has Roxanna taking her father's place as his scrivener. Two cautious hearts must find their way through the unsettled wildness of an awakening land, ever aware of danger from enemies both obvious and hidden. The sweet, stirring love between the colonel and his lady is complex, but also tender and luminous. The strong suspense and mystery elements of the story line only serve to enhance the touching romance between this leader of men and the woman to whom he surrenders his heart. Not to be missed!

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Courting Morrow Little

Laura Frantz is my favorite "artist with words". Her unsurpassed wordsmithery excels in the three levels of her storytelling: the vivid historical detail, the characterizations and the love story, and the true acceptance of deep and abiding faith. COURTING MORROW LITTLE is set in the raw, wild beauty of 18th century Kentucky, and it does not shy away from depicting the shades of good and evil to be found in all human beings. Morrow Little and her family live in the Kentucky frontier, and her childhood becomes a nightmare when attacking Shawnee kill her mother and sister and steal away her brother. Morrow and her father survive, and her father, who is a man of God, later accepts friendship with an Native Chief and his son. Morrow struggles with her deeply felt fear and grief, and later she is sent to live with an aunt in Philadelphia. Returning home to Kentucky at age eighteen, she finds her father in failing health. The young Shawnee boy who visited her home with his own father has become a man. Red Shirt is now a scout, handsome and compelling, and his intelligence and masculinity are most appealing. When Morrow's father passes away, she must face reality and choose the path of her future. But what about her heart's longing? Can she free herself from the grip of fear and prejudice and go forward toward true happiness? In "Courting Morrow Little", Laura Frantz humanizes history, showing the virtues and failings of all sides of the conflicts between the British, the Settlers, and the Shawnee. History is made by humans, none of whom are perfect, but some of whom are larger than life and ever-fascinating. I believe that the answers to our future are to be found in the questions from our past. This is not just an involving tale of American frontier history, it is also an exquisitely written love story, one that grows deeper and richer as the tale unfolds. Characters and story lines from the author's first book, "The Frontiersman's Daughter" are a welcome touch. Highly recommended.

The Frontiersman's Daughter

In her soaring debut, THE FRONTIERSMAN'S DAUGHTER, Laura Frantz sets a high standard for others to follow. With enviable skill as a story teller, Ms. Frantz draws us into the tumultuous, inspiring life of Lael Click. We are privileged to follow Lael from age thirteen to age twenty-one. A span of just eight years, but an eventful and amazing time in the rawness of Colonial America. Lael is the daughter of a legendary frontiersman, who parents her with love and influences her thoughts and actions throughout her life. At times Lael cannot understand her father's ways, and it takes the maturity of years and her own life experiences for her love for her father to come full circle. Lael cannot fully adapt to "civilized life", for she loves to wander her Kentucky woods barefoot and free of heart. Taught the skill of herbal medicine by her wise old great aunt, Lael becomes sought after as a medicine woman. For her safety, her father sends Lael to Virginia to a well-respected ladies school where she remains for five years. Lael's father dies in a tragic accident, and her mother remarries and leaves their homeplace, taking along Lael's younger brother. Lael returns to Kentucky and begins her life alone at her family home. Two men had loved Lael all of her life. The russet-haired, larger than life Simon was a neighbor and successful land owner. Enigmatic Captain Jack was raised by the Shawnee and lived among them as a chief. Both men had a place in Lael's heart. It is the arrival of a handsome Scottish doctor which forever changes the course of Lael's life. Ian Justus is a man of great healing ability and also of great faith. He wants Lael in his life as his helpmate in his medical practice, combining her folk medicine with his traditional methods as a physician. He also wants Lael's love, but she does not easily accept and understand his deep, abiding faith. Lael and Ian overcome many obstacles on their way to forming a lasting bond of great love, hope and belief. An impressive debut which makes the reader long for next release by this talented new author.


  1. Dear Virginia! You never cease to amaze me with your own host of talents and your huge heart to showcase others and their work. You always bring a blessing! I'm so touched and honored by your posting this - Lael, Morrow, Roxanna, and Eden and cast would be very pleased:) And Ellie! So thankful the Lord connected us from the first. You've enriched my writing journey so much and I am thrilled to call you friend.

    This is a beautiful new home for you and I look forward to keeping up with you this way, too. Thank you.

  2. I also wanted to add how very thankful I am that you are a writer/reviewer who crosses genres and also markets, both CBA and ABA. Many authors have been blessed by your talents and you're leaving your own remarkable legacy.

  3. Thank you, dear Laura! My books and book people are among my greatest treasures. You were one of the first authors whom I came to know online, and I continue to be amazed and appreciative by your talent and grace. I never told you this, but there is a lot of me in Lael. She will always be my favorite character from all of your books. I am truly blessed to be a part of the "book world" and to be acquainted with so many intelligent, interesting, and generous people. I am poor in purse, but rich in spirit. I have such respect for authors who envision, create, and present such marvelous gifts through their writing. It is an honor and a joy to give something back to them in my own way. God bless you : )