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Author Carol Ericson's "Target: Timberline" series--thrilling contemporary romantic suspense with a decades-old mystery at its core

A 25-year old kidnapping case once again has the town of Timberline, Washington on edge.  As the town grapples with new evidence, long-forgotten secrets, and deadly alliances, four men seek to find justice for the three missing children who disappeared without a trace. 


Single Father Sheriff (Target: Timberline #1)

The unsolved case that once tore a sheriff's town apart had resurfaced, threatening both his baby girl and a beautiful witness… 

When two children go missing, every parent's worst fear becomes Sheriff Cooper Sloane's reality. The single father doesn't have a minute to waste, and only a single lead: Kendall Rush. Her return to Timberline stirs up a lot of town chatter, since she was at the center of a similar case twenty-five years ago. Despite Kendall's tragic past, Cooper is more than willing to play the bad guy. But he couldn't prepare himself for her vulnerability, or determination. As the kidnapper's taunts turn horrific, Cooper and Kendall must stop this sick game before it hits even closer to home…

MY REVIEW:  I am a longtime fan of author Carol Ericson, and her new “Target: Timberline” series gets off to a great start with “Single Father Sheriff”. Cooper Sloane never imagined that accepting the position of sheriff in the rural community of Timberline, Washington would lead to so many changes in his life. With his wife’s passing away, he was left with the care of their young daughter, Steffi. Torn between duty and parenthood, he juggles them both as best he can. Coop’s easygoing demeanor belies his sharp instincts and powers of observation—he is as dedicated a lawman as he is a dad. When Kendall Rush returns to Timberline to settle her aunt’s estate, she is haunted by the still-unsolved kidnapping of her twin sister, Kayla, when the girls were just five years old. Two other local children were also taken, and the case became known as the “Timberline Trio”. Twenty five years later, several other children are now missing, and the cases are eerily similar. As strange and dangerous events begin to target Kendall, Coop becomes her protector. The attraction between them is immediate and sparky, but they both know that Kendall wants to leave Timberline behind in her rear-view mirror as soon as possible. Kendall’s life lies in Arizona—could Coop and his daughter be part of an unexpected new future—one filled with happiness? The case hits all too close to home when Steffi becomes a victim of the kidnapper--will they all survive to find out if a dream can come true? Lovers of romantic suspense will enjoy this well-paced story.

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Sudden Second Chance (Target: Timberline #2)

 by Carol Ericson

A man with too many secrets. A woman with everything to lose.

As if the Timberline Trio cold case isn't nightmarish enough for FBI agent Duke Harper, he runs into the TV reporter who loved and betrayed him—beautiful Beth St. Regis. Duke quickly concludes she's not after a sensational story. She's there to solve the haunting mystery of who she really is. But all her questions unleash a killer, and Duke steps up to protect her when she becomes a target. Despite their bitter past, Duke finds he's still attracted to Beth, and maybe they deserve a second chance. First, though, he has to keep Beth alive—and from discovering the shocking truth about her past…

MY REVIEW:  “Sudden Second Chance” is Book 2 in author Carol Ericson’s Washington State-set “Target: Timberline” series. FBI agent Duke Harper’s abusive childhood had left him with trust issues, and the betrayal by the beautiful woman he had loved had left him with embittered emotions. Working on a cold case kidnapping that was now possibly tied to a current, similar crime, Duke is taken aback when his former lover, Beth St. Regis, appears in the area to cover the story for her “Cold Case Chronicles” TV show. Seeing Beth again stirs unwanted longing in Duke, but he hasn’t forgiven her for breaking his heart and his trust. Beth has never stopped caring for Duke, but she didn’t get to tell him what really happened when their relationship fell apart. She also has a very deep personal secret that was too devastating to share. Beth is really in Timberline to solve the mystery of her adoption, but someone definitely does not want her to bring the truth to light. When she becomes a target, Duke goes into full protector mode, and he finds the wall between them beginning to crumble. As Duke and Beth grow closer, the attraction between goes from cinders of the past to flames of undeniable desire. If they can keep each other alive, will they get their second chance at romance? When all secrets have been uncovered, can trust be rebuilt along with a new start toward a happy life together? If you enjoy romantic suspense where the story keeps building, then you will the “Target: Timberline” series from author Carol Ericson.

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Army Ranger Redemption (Target: Timberline #3)

 by Carol Ericson

A war hero fights for what he lost long ago 

The Timberline Trio was the cold case everyone in town was doomed to remember. Scarlett Easton may have just been a child then, but the fear it spread throughout the reservation haunts her to this day. Jim Kennedy ran off to war to escape this place, and has now returned to fight his own battle on the home front. And when that puts Scarlett in danger, both their loyalties will be tested. Finding themselves on opposite sides of a town that's never recovered from the kidnappings decades ago, Jim and Scarlett discover that not only are their pasts forever tied together, but so are their futures…

MY REVIEW:   The thrilling romantic suspense series “Target: Timberline” from author Carol Ericson continues with Book 3, “Army Ranger Redemption”. Wounded in body and spirit, army ranger veteran Jim Kennedy goes home to Timberline to deal with haunting issues from his past and to figure out what his future will be. He isn’t prepared to run into beautiful Scarlett Easton and to then stumble into a murder mystery somehow connected to the Timberline Trio kidnapping case from many years ago.  Scarlett is surprised by Jim’s sudden reappearance, but she is even more stunned by the fact that Jim’s war experience and outward scars have done nothing to take away from his attractiveness. They had attended high school together, and she had always been drawn to his “bad boy”, motorcycle-riding persona. Jim couldn’t fail to notice that the pretty young girl he remembered had bloomed into a beautiful and intriguing woman. Scarlett, a native Quileute and talented artist, had been gifted with her family’s extra-sensory ability of “sight” and enhanced perception and intuition. Touching Jim lets her know that he has suffered much and says little. As the danger surrounding them escalates, they discover that they both have a legacy tied to the Timberline Trio. Will it prove to be a deadly legacy for Scarlett and Jim, or is their hope for them to put the past behind them and look forward to a happy future together? I really enjoyed “Army Ranger Redemption”—my favorite book so far in the series—and its very appealing hero. I am looking forward to Book 4, “In the Arms of the Enemy” to reach the conclusion of the “Target: Timberline” mystery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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In the Arms of the Enemy (Target: Timberline #4)

 by Carol Ericson

As a lawman, he knew she had secrets. Ones that could bust his case wide open. 

Tasked with finding a mysterious murder suspect, DEA agent Cole Pierson was in Timberline on a mission. He didn't need distractions like the lovely Caroline Johnson. Though he didn't think she could be his suspect, she was clearly hiding something and her safety became Cole's top priority.
She'd awoken next to a dead man, her memory gone. When "Caroline" had come to the small town looking for answers, she hadn't counted on meeting Cole. He offered the protection she so desperately needed. But if he found out she'd been lying, that he'd become involved with a suspect, it would mean the end to any future—or happiness—she had imagined.

MY REVIEW:  Author Carol Ericson brings her exciting “Target: Timberline” series to a thrilling conclusion with Book 4, “In the Arms of the Enemy”. DEA agent Cole Pierson is in Timberline, Washington tracking a mystery woman who is connected to the death of the drug dealer who had been at the center of his long-term case. Frustrated by losing the subject of his investigation before all the biggest of the bad guys could be brought down, Cole is searching for any link to information that will tell him what he needs to know. Meeting Caroline Johnson is an unexpected, unwanted distraction. There’s something elusive about her, and Cole has serious trust issues when it comes to women. Caroline is beautiful and vulnerable, and he can’t help but being attracted to her. On the run from an encounter with a dead man which left her hurt and suffering from amnesia, Caroline had one clue of her own to follow—in her pocket she had found a note bearing the words “Timberline, WA”.  Cole is handsome, charming, and definitely a “protector”, but when she finds out he is actually a lawman, Caroline knows the woman whom he is tracking is her, and she fears what will happen when he discovers her connection to the dead drug dealer. She desperately wants to regain her memory and her identity, but will reality come with a horrible cost? The feelings and attraction between Caroline and Cole are very real, but are they strong enough to stand up to the harsh light of all truths revealed? “Target: Timberline” is recommended reading for lovers of terrific romantic suspense with appealing characters and adventure-filled mystery.

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Author Carol Ericson says:

"I was always a bookworm.  I think most authors are.  I started reading romance when I was about 12 or 13.  The first romance novel I read was Victoria Holt’s Secret Woman.  I went on to read all of Ms. Holt’s books and started devouring all the Gothic romances of that time.  I’m also a huge Georgette Heyer fan and have read all of her books.

As an English major at UCLA, I read a heavy dose of the classics, and later I started reading a lot of non-fiction and true crime.  What better way to combine my love of romance with my interest in true crime than by writing romantic suspense?!  I have written over 25 books for Harlequin Intrigue (check out my Books page!), and have self-published a few more books, including a romantic comedy (check out my Indie Books page!).

I live near the beach in Southern California, and when I’m not writing, I’m reading, running on the beach, and going to my son’s water polo and soccer games.  I have two teenage sons and a husband retired from law enforcement, who gives me an idea or two.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them.  I love hearing from readers, so let me know what’s on your mind.  Also, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for news and contests and check out my blog for up-to-date info."

Happy reading!

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