Thursday, December 25, 2014

SOMETHING PERFECT--one small jar of jelly, made with love

The best jelly that I have ever eaten was made with wild grapes. My grandmother was a marvelous cook, and she also knew the names and uses for so many flowers and plants. We used to go on walks, and she would point things out to me and explain what they were. One day we found a patch of wild grapes, small and reddish, and I asked her if she could make jelly. I didn't realize how many grapes it would take to make jars of jelly to line up on the pantry shelf. My wonderful Gran was able to take our small little treasure of grapes and make one perfect jar of jelly. One of the short, half-pint quilted-glass jars. I can still see it and remember the taste of that sweet jelly. When I held the jar up to the sunlight coming through the window, it glowed like a garnet gem.

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