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Author Terry Spear--a vivid imagination, an eye for detail, and a glorious clan of Highland Werewolves!

AUTHOR TERRY SPEAR--welcome to her wild and wolfish world of paranormal romantic adventure!
A Highland Werewolf Wedding (Heart of the Wolf, #11)
Elaine Hawthorn is a gray American werewolf, currently out of work, and on a mission to share in a family treasure. When she arrives in Scotland, she nearly has a head-on collision with one hot, kilt-garbed Highlander, and runs him off the road.

Werewolf laird Cearnach MacNeill isn't happy Elaine ruined his car, but he quickly becomes her protector after a misunderstanding lands her right in the middle of two feuding clans. Now he's out to ensure that this sexy female wolf gets her fair share of her clan's treasure. He knows he should leave well enough alone, but it's too late to leave his heart out of it.

Author Terry Spear once again delights and dazzles with "A Highland Werewolf Wedding". Highland Alpha Wolf Cearnach MacNeill is on a mission to save a friend from a great mistake, and feeling a sense of urgency, he is speeding his way to stop a wedding. American Alpha Female Wolf Elaine Hawthorn is on her way to an important meeting at the ruins of Senton Castle. When the two of them have a near-miss head-on collision on the one-lane road, Cearnach veers off the road, and his vehicle is disabled. Stalking his way to confront the offending driver of the other vehicle, he is charmed and disarmed by the beauty and bravado of the she-wolf who steps out of the car. He can't help but feel that they have met somewhere a long time ago, but she evades his questions. Cearnach insists that they take her vehicle to the wedding, and he assures her that he will help her to make it to her meeting. Oh, yes! They have met before--centuries ago--when Elaine was on the run from men who had hung her privateering uncles, and Cearnach had offered her his protection and that of his three brothers. She had eluded him then, but now there will be no escaping the passionate protection of the Highland Warrior Wolf as they work together to find an age-old treasure. But will the undeniable attraction between them grow into a prize more valuable than any treasure they could imagine? Terry Spear writes with great imagination, humor, and an involving eye for detail. Her stories sizzle with heat, but there's always a great deal of heart to satisfy a romance-lover's soul.
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A Howl for a Highlander (Heart of the Wolf, #10)

A Highland Wolf on a Mission...

Duncan MacNeill is hell-bent on catching the thief who's stolen the clan's fortune and run off to Grand Cayman Island. Duncan has rarely left his homeland and he couldn't care less about an island paradise. He never expected to find a beautiful distraction who will show him just how appealing paradise can be...

Meets a Dangerous Distraction...

Lone wolf and botanist Shelley Campbell headed to the island to study the old growth forests. She didn't count on meeting a handsome Highlander who can't keep his paws off her.

I never imagined that I would visit Grand Cayman Island with a hunky Highland wolf-shifter, but that's exactly what happened when I read "A Howl for a Highlander" from talented storyteller Terry Spear! The author's own visit to the island paradise fueled her well-defined powers of description and eye for detail, and you'll feel as though you too are seeing the sparkling sea, the shining sand, and the lush flora and greenery of the island. You'll also hear the deep purr of the hero's Scottish burr as you read his words! Duncan MacNeill may be the youngest of quadruplets by birth order, but by self-determination, he has made himself the most fierce! When scoundrel wolf-shifter and financier Sal Silverman steals the MacNeill clan funds, and leaves a trail of the broken bank accounts of others around the world, Duncan swears to stop the thief and make things right for all. Tracking the mongrel shifter to his home on the island, Duncan plans to wreak full vengeance. He must be careful, however, and not reveal the true wolf nature of Silverman or the MacNeills. As soon as Duncan arrives at the island airport, he immediately detects the presence of a tempting she-wolf-shifter, and try as he might, he can't resist the urge to check her out. Beautiful red-haired she-wolf Shelley Campbell is a professor of botany, on the island through a research grant. While she is drawn by the male wolf's potent Scottish charm and Highland brawn, she tries to keep her mind on her research mission. The fates have other plans for both Duncan and Shelley, however, and he ends up as a guest at the villa rented for Shelley's stay on the island. It turns out that Silverman also stole the grant money from Shelley's employer, and she needs Duncan to split expenses with her. Being in close quarters is torturous temptation--when two wolf-shifters mate, they mate for life, so an "island fling" just won't work. Or will it lead to something much greater? As Shelley and Duncan grow closer while they work to recover the stolen money and put an end to Silverman's criminal career, might they also find an unexpected, life-changing love? If you are a fan of paranormal romance featuring awesome Alphas and the feisty fab females who are their match-mates, then you will truly enjoy "A Howl for a Highlander" and the entire "Heart of a Wolf" series from author Terry Spear!

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You won't want to miss the entire "Heart of the Wolf" series from Terry Spear:

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Legend of the White Wolf (Book 4), Seduced by the Wolf (Book 5),  Wolf Fever (Book 6)

Heart of the Highland Wolf (Book 7), Dreaming of the Wolf, (Book 8), A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing (Book 9)

A Howl for a Highlander (Book 10), A Highland Werewolf Wedding (Book 11) 


"A perfect match... The chemistry between them is so sizzling it's a wonder the pages didn't start smoking." - Paranormal Kiss

"Another fun and sexy read from Terry Spear! The Queen of shifter romance has done it again... this author is one of the best in her genre... " - Night Owl Reviews

"Fun, exciting and romantic, I also enjoyed that the setting was in the Caymans, somewhere you would not expect werewolves to be found, beautiful beaches and tropical breezes. Wish I were there!" - Beyond Her Book

"This book definitely has a high hotness factor." - Wolf Majick

"Werewolves plus Highland warriors plus Spear always add up to fun, light romance. " - RT Book Reviews

"Super sexy... I enjoyed it a lot." - Literal Addiction Paranormal Book Club

"A fabulously written story, extremely descriptive... The romantic chemistry is hot. " - Tome Tender

" Spear will satisfy longtime fans and newcomers alike with her vivid descriptions and deliciously gnarled plot." - Booklist

"With just the right amount of romance, humour, and suspense Howl for a Highlander showcases everything we've come to love of Terry Spear." - Vampire Romance Books

"Full of passion, humor and intrigue, all of which I have come to expect from a Terry Spear novel." - Romance Witch's Reviews

Bestselling and award-winning author Terry Spear has written a couple of dozen paranormal romance novels and two medieval Highland historical romances. Her first werewolf romance, Heart of the Wolf, was named a 2008 Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year, and her subsequent titles have garnered high praise and hit the USA Today bestseller list. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry lives in Crawford, Texas, where she is working on her next werewolf romance and continuing her new series about shapeshifting jaguars. Terry offers amazing insights into wolf packs, based on her extensive research, and how she draws on nature itself for her inspiration. For more information, please visit www.terryspear.com, or follow her on Twitter, @TerrySpear. She is also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/terry.spear

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