Sunday, November 3, 2019

"THE CINDERELLA SPINSTERS SERIES"--from wonderful Regency Romance author JULIA JUSTISS--three bookish girls who bonded together while at school, the Spinsters have vowed not to succumb to marriages of convenience, but to use their talents and enthusiasm to forward noble causes...and the heart will have its way


The Awakening of Miss Henley

After five seasons…

She was still on the shelf!

Part of The Cinderella Spinsters. Miss Emma Henley knows she’s neither pretty nor rich enough to land a husband. Instead she’s thrown her passion into good causes. But this season she’s tempted by a flirtation with Lord Theo. The dashing rake is just as determined to stay unwed as she is. It’s scandalous…but if she’s never to marry, perhaps he can show her the pleasures of the marriage bed!



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