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"The Perfect Ruin"--by Shanora Williams--thrilling new novel of lies, deception, and revenge--the glamour of Miami has a dark side in this twisting story where nothing is what it seems, as one wronged woman seeks to destroy the seemingly perfect life of one of the city’s most revered socialites


The Perfect Ruin

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams comes a tale of revenge served ice cold—and a warning to be careful what you scheme for . . .

A brutal tragedy ended Ivy Hill’s happy family and childhood. Now in her twenties and severely troubled, she barely has a life—or much to live for. Until the day she discovers the name of the woman who destroyed her world: Lola Maxwell—the mega-wealthy socialite with a heart, Miami’s beloved “first lady” of charity. Accomplished, gorgeous, and oh-so-caring, Lola has the best of everything—and doesn’t deserve any of it. So it’s only right that Ivy take it all away . . .

Little by little, Ivy infiltrates Lola’s elite circle, becomes her new best friend—and plays Lola’s envious acquaintances and hangers-on against her. But seducing Lola’s handsome, devoted surgeon husband turns into a passionate dream Ivy suddenly can’t control. And soon, an insidious someone will twist Ivy’s revenge into a nightmare of deception, secrets, and betrayal that Ivy may not wake up from . .

 FICTION, Thrillers, Psychological .


“A delicious and decadent cocktail of jealousy, passion, and revenge. I was hooked from the very first twist. You’ll love this addictive psychological thriller.” —Alessandra Torre, New York Times bestselling author of Every Last Secret

"Twisty and impossible to put down! With a cast of diverse characters, Williams brings to life a twisty thriller that'll leave you reeling long after you've read the last page. 10/10 recommend." —Claire Contreras, New York Times bestselling author
“You’re going to pick a side, make no mistake. And then you won’t put it down until you know the truth. A shocking, sensual thriller with sharp twists.”—Tarryn Fisher, New York Times bestselling author of The Wives

“Williams is an award-winning author of romance and suspense novels; her tale of revenge will find an easy spot in fiction collections. Tailored for book clubs and for those who like to read about the sleazy side of rich elites.”—Library Journal
“This twisty thriller takes readers into a high-class, sinfully privileged world populated with characters who will stop at nothing for what they want. Williams stretches out the tension as readers wonder what Lola did to hurt Ivy and whether their shared past will be revealed. With diabolical turns and surprises at every corner, it’s an ideal summer read for fans of May Cobb’s The Hunting Wives (2021).” —Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

“In The Perfect Ruin, author Shanora Williams serves up an ice-cold revenge thriller set in the glamorous and steamy hot city of Miami.” —Book Riot

“The glamour of Miami has a dark side in this twisting story where nothing is what it seems.”—WRAL-TV (NBC) North Carolina

“This is a great story of revenge and the lengths someone will go to get it, and how there are many layers to people’s lives. It’s a great mix of female friendship and thriller.” —Parkersburg News and Sentinel/Marietta Times

“This fast-paced and incredibly entertaining book is perfect for devouring by the poolside. Everyone in this book is terrible, but I mean that in the best way possible. Williams is so incredible at writing her characters that despite the horrible things they do, you still want to root for them.”—Off the Shelf
Shanora Williams
Shanora Williams 
Shanora Williams is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty romance and diverse suspense novels.

She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the mother of three amazing boys, has a fiercely devoted and supportive husband, and is a sister to eleven.
When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on TV streaming services while scarfing down something sweet and salty. Visit her at or interact with her on Instagram @reallyshanora.

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"Rebels of the Ton Series"--Critically acclaimed author Minerva Spencer brings a rebellious spirit to this Regency series focused on how the youth of that era subvert the social expectations and mores of the day in order to carve their own paths in life.



A mean girl reformed...

 Once the reigning beauty of her social set, Celia--whom the newspapers dubbed Lady Infamous--has fallen on hard times and is practically destitute, her reputation in shreds. When Celia is forced to attend a society wedding as a companion to an elderly guest, she must confront the clique she once commanded; the gentleman she'd once hoped to marry--who is now wed to a girl Celia relentlessly taunted; and the powerful man who ruined her life a decade before--and is threatening to do so again...

A hero transformed...

Then there is Richard, the studious boy Celia used to ridicule, who is now gorgeous, wealthy, and more-than-a-little famous. As a youth, Richard was infatuated with Celia. He still seems intrigued, but Celia has acquired a shocking secret along with her hard-won humility. Will it put an end to the love blossoming between them? Does she have the courage to find out?

FICTION, Romance, Historical, Regency 


Infamous is exactly the kind of story I love to curl up with—unforgettable characters, big secrets and bigger reveals, and plenty of heat with two couples to root for. I adored every page." —USA Today bestselling author Darcy Burke
"Seduction, scandal and a sexy scientist hero, all wrapped up in Minerva Spencer's trademark wit! INFAMOUS is the quirky Regency romp romance readers have been waiting for. Get ready to swoon!" —Anna Bradley, author of The Swooning Virgins Society series

“Spencer is an absolute wizard when it comes to creating riveting, sensual, and intelligent romances. INFAMOUS features not one, but two smart and spirited heroines who challenge the confining gender roles of the day, forging their own futures and happily ever afters. Romance readers need this splendid book—pronto!” —USA Today bestselling author, Vanessa Kelly 

"Why should bad boys have all the fun? In this sizzling Regency, bad girls deserve love too! Snuggle up with this steamy romance and prepare to laugh, cry, and curse the villain. Relatable characters, sharp wit, and a fast-paced story are Spencer’s trademarks, and you’ll find them here in spades. You won’t want to put this book down!" —National Bestselling Author Shana Galen
When Eva de Courtney kidnaps Godric Fleming, her only plan is to stop the irritating earl from persecuting her beloved brother. But once she has the intriguing rogue in the confines of her carriage, she longs to taste the passion she senses simmering beneath his rugged exterior. Her forbidden plan is foiled, however, when Godric turns the tables, taking her hostage instead—and demanding they marry at once…

The last thing Godric wants to do is make the fiery, impulsive Eva his wife, despite her delectable mouth and alluring innocence. He knows from experience that nothing is forever, not even love. But honor demands he do right by the lady, no matter how stubbornly Eva tries to hold on to her independence. And while the road to the Scottish border is beset with danger, Godric’s greatest challenge is to keep his hands—and his heart—from his captivating bride-to-be…
FICTION, Romance, Historical, Regency 


“The exciting drama of their road trip only facilitates their individual growth, and returning fans will be especially gratified to see the villainous Godric in a new light. This daring, emotional page-turner is a delight.” —Publishers Weekly

“With the latest splendidly entertaining addition to her Rebels of the Ton series, following Notorious (2020), Spencer is once again perfectly on point with her fetching brand of historical romance, as aptly illustrated by this lusciously sensual love story with a memorable cast of characters that includes a marvelously matched hero and heroine and a plot rich in action and danger and spiced with just the right amount of tart wit.”Booklist
The cure for a willful wife...

Drusilla Clare is full of opinions about why a woman shouldn't marry. But that doesn't stop the rush of desire she feels each time her best friend's brother, notorious rake Gabriel Marlington, crosses her path. So imagine her dismay when she finds herself in the clutches of a scoundrel, only to be rescued by Gabriel himself. And when Gabriel's heartless—and heart-pounding—proposal comes, it's enough to make Dru's formidable resolve crumble... a smitten husband.

She's sharp-tongued, exasperating—and due to one careless moment—about to become his wife. Still, something about Drusilla has Gabriel intrigued. First there's the delicious flush of her skin every time she delivers a barb—and then the surprisingly sensual feel of her in his arms. Gabriel even finds himself challenged by her unusual philosophies. And when he discovers a clandestine rival for Dru's affection, his temperature flares even hotter. But the real threat to their happiness is one neither of the newlyweds sees coming. If they're to save their future—and their very lives—they'll need to trust in each other and their growing love.  
Rebels of the Ton #1 Minerva Spencer 9781496732835 November 2020 FICTION Romance Historical Regency 


“Unique characters and emotional depth...a winner. Spencer gives you all the feels!”—Sabrina Jeffries

“Thanks to Minerva Spencer's sparkling dialogue and ability to ramp up the sexual tension, the unconventional couple at the heart of Notorious is impossible not to love.” —Popsugar

“Both characters are strong, complex, and believable, and the cliffhanger offers a nice setup for the sequel. Readers who like thrills mixed in with their romance should check this out.”Publishers Weekly

“Packed full of fiery exchanges and passionate embraces, this is for those who prefer their Regencies on the scandalous side.” Library Journal
“Romance readers will feel like they have hit the literary trifecta with Notorious, the first brilliantly crafted book in much-awarded Spencer’s brand-new Regency-set Rebels of the Ton series. Spencer serves up an irresistible cocktail of smart characterization, sophisticated sensuality, and sharp wit—all while orchestrating her own clever spin on the popular bluestocking-and-rake trope.” Booklist, Starred Review

Minerva Spencer

Minerva Spencer 

Author Minerva Spencer says:

"I write Regency Era romance and the first six books in my Outcasts series will be published by Kensington Press. DANGEROUS, BARBAROUS, & SCANDALOUS are already out and NOTORIOUS will be out in 2020, OUTRAGEOUS in 2021.

Before I began writing I spent time as a dock worker, a reader for the blind, a criminal prosecutor, and I taught American History on the college level for five years. My last job was running an 8-bedroom bed and breakfast, a subject I will never write about...

I like historical fiction because I enjoy escaping into the past when I relax. And I write romance because I love a happy ending and everything that happens along the way.

I came to writing late in life and I feel like I have to write fast to catch up! I work every day looking out over the Sangre de Cristo mountains and my free range birds and dogs!

When I'm not writing I'm playing with my animals, knitting, DIYing, crocheting, sewing, or watching old movies."


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"Chet and Bernie Mystery Series"--Pet lovers will delight in best selling author Spencer Quinn's delightful series about Chet the dog and his human partner PI Bernie Little, solving crimes as part of the Little Detective Agency.


It's a Wonderful Woof

Spencer Quinn's It's a Wonderful Woof presents a holiday adventure for Chet the dog, "the most lovable narrator in crime fiction" (Boston Globe), and his human partner, PI Bernie Little.

Holiday time in the Valley, and in the holiday spirit--despite the dismal shape of the finances at the Little Detective Agency--Bernie refers a potential client to Victor Klovsky, a fellow private eye. It's also true that the case--promising lots of online research but little action--doesn't appeal to Bernie, while it seems perfect for Victor, who is not cut out for rough stuff. But Victor disappears in a rough-stuff way, and when he doesn't show up at his mom's to light the Hanukkah candles, she hires Chet and Bernie to find him.

They soon discover that Victor's client has also vanished. The trail leads to the ruins of a mission called
uestra SeƱora de los Saguaros, dating back to the earliest Spanish explorers. Some very dangerous people are interested in the old mission. Does some dusty archive hold the secret of a previously unknown art treasure, possibly buried for centuries? What does the Flight into Egypt--when Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus fled Herod--have to do with saguaros, the Sonoran desert cactus?

No one is better than Chet at nosing out buried secrets, but before he can, he and Bernie are forced to take flight themselves, chased through a Christmas Eve blizzard by a murderous foe who loves art all too much.


Meet Chet, the wise and lovable canine narrator of the Chet & Bernie Mystery Series, who works alongside Bernie, a down-on-his-luck private investigator. Chet might have flunked out of police school (“I’d been the best leaper in K-9 class, which had led to all the trouble in a way I couldn’t remember exactly, although blood was involved”), but he’s a detective through and through. Readers will be instantly captivated by Chet’s doggy ways and his endearingly hard-boiled voice. Full of heart and occasionally prone to mischief, he is intensely loyal to Bernie, who, though distracted by issues that Chet has difficulty understanding—like divorce, cash flow, and child custody—is enormously likeable himself, in his flawed, all-too-human way. There’s genuine suspense and intrigue, combined with humor and deep insight into the bond between dog and man. From a dog’s-eye perspective, crime has never been so much fun 

Book 0.1

Book 0.3

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 3.1

Book 4

Book 5

Book 5.1

Book 6

Book 7

Book 8

Book 9

Book 10

Book 11

Tender Is the Bite

Spencer Quinn


Peter Abrahams 
Spencer Quinn lives on Cape Cod with his dog Audrey, and is hard at work on the next Chet and Bernie adventure.

Spencer Quinn is a pseudonym of author Peter Abrahams.

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"A Calling for Charlie Barnes"--by Joshua Ferris--from a National Book Award Finalist comes a novel about a modern American family and a man on a secret mission to uncover the world's hidden truths—until his two lives come crashing together


A Calling for Charlie Barnes

Someone is telling the story of the life of Charlie Barnes, and it doesn't appear to be going well. Too often divorced, discontent with life's compromises and in a house he hates, this lifelong schemer and eternal romantic would like out of his present circumstances and into the American dream. But when the twin calamities of the Great Recession and a cancer scare come along to compound his troubles, his dreams dwindle further, and an infinite past full of forking paths quickly tapers to a black dot.

Then, against all odds, something goes right for a change: Charlie is granted a second act. With help from his storyteller son, he surveys the facts of his life and finds his true calling where he least expects it—in a sacrifice that redounds with selflessness and love—at last becoming the man his son always knew he could be.

A Calling for Charlie Barnes is a profound and tender portrait of a man whose desperate need to be loved is his downfall, and a brutally funny account of how that love is ultimately earned.

A CALLING FOR CHARLIE BARNES, joshua ferris, novel 



"A deeply funny, very moving book about that most pivotal and permanent of destinations: death. Ferris's hijinks are serious; his play is profound. There is magic in these pages."―Ayad Akhtar, author of Homeland Elegies

“With meticulous, wry prose and a dash of self-effacing metafiction, Joshua Ferris delves deeply into the simultaneously extraordinary and ordinary life of Charlie Barnes, a man with as much failure in him as found in our bankrupted country. This novel, about dentures and toupees and all the ways we disguise ourselves from our intimates, is at its large heart a moving portrait of a father and son to rival the best of Roth.”―Teddy Wayne, author of Apartment

"Joshua Ferris is one of our best writers, and A Calling for Charlie Barnes is wonderful: fast and deep, urgent and brilliant.  Ingeniously written, it had me up reading late into the night.   A hilarious, intimate, and scathing takedown of so many American vanities."―Dana Spiotta, author of Innocents and Others

“Dazzling. Mind-blowing. About as much fun as you can have without risking arrest.”―Richard Russo, author of Empire Falls and Chances Are…

"If Augie March was a “Columbus of the near-at-hand,” Charlie Barnes is a whole America: a dreaming, scheming paterfamilias forever “expanding out to the coasts” and outstripping whatever inconvenient facts or exuberant fictions might hope to contain him. Is he for real? Are any of us? This much is certain: Funny, moving, and formally a work of genius, A Calling for Charlie Barnes is quite literally the book Joshua Ferris was born to write."―Garth Risk Hallberg, author of City on Fire

Previous Praise for Joshua Ferris

"Ferris's prose is brash, extravagant, and chillingly beautiful."―The New Yorker

"Arresting, ground-shifting, beautiful and tragic. This is the book a new generation of writers will answer to. No one in America writes like this."―Gary Shteyngart, author of Lake Success

"Utterly compelling. . . . Ferris brilliantly channels the suburban angst of Yates and Cheever for the new millenium."―Booklist

"As he's demonstrated in each of his novels, Joshua Ferris is a writer who's keenly attuned to the unsettled quality of our times."―

"Plenty of novels, memoirs and cultural studies have explored the end of men or the failings of masculinity. But Ferris, a darkly comic writer who feels like the novelist equivalent of the filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, has managed to write a series of stories on the subject that feels fresh. His male characters mess up, in small and spectacular fashion, but their misdeeds often prompt our sympathy, thanks to Ferris's insightful narration."―Ian Shapira, Washington Post
Joshua Ferris
Joshua Ferris

Joshua Ferris is the author of novels Then We Came to the End, The Unnamed and To Rise Again at a Decent Hour as well as a story collection, The Dinner Party. He has been a finalist for the National Book Award, winner of the Barnes and Noble Discover Award and the PEN/Hemingway Award, short-listed for the Man Booker Prize, and winner of the International Dylan Thomas Prize. He was named one of The New Yorker's "20 Under 40" writers in 2010. He lives in Hudson, New York with his wife and son.