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"RED, WHITE AND BUILT"--exciting romantic suspense series from author CAROL ERICSON features awesome NAVY SEALS

Red, White and Built A team of six Navy SEAL Snipers has been matching skills and wits against a known sharpshooter nicknamed “Vlad” across several deployments. Now Vlad has assembled a group of international terrorists, who are threatening to create chaos and fear across the globe. Each member of the sniper unit receives a stateside assignment that will not only challenge his skills and fortitude but his personal honor and commitment to himself and those he loves.

Locked, Loaded and Sealed (Red, White and Built #1) A navy SEAL sniper turned bodyguard, he'll protect his target at any cost The SEAL's secret assignment had been to protect a certain important doctor. But when the man is murdered, Austin Foley's mission changes. The navy sniper must now protect the doctor's protégé, the irresistible Sophia Grant, at any cost. For Sophia has information that could endanger the entire country. There's only one problem: Sophia has no idea what those secrets are. With lethal terrorists on their heels, Austin and Sophia must embark on a covert operation. But it will mean placing Sophia even more in harm's way--a sacrifice even the steel-hearted SEAL may be able to make.

LOCKED, LOADED and SEALed by Carol Ericson MY REVIEW: “Red, White and Built”, an exciting new romantic suspense series from author Carol Ericson, begins with “Locked, Loaded and SEALed”. Navy SEAL sniper Austin Foley is sent back to the US to protect Dr. Hamid Fazal, a former informant in the war on terrorism. However, Austin arrives too late to keep Dr. Fazal from being murdered, and now the doctor’s young assistant, Sophia Grant, seems to be the next target. Sophia is bright, beautiful, and street-smart—her young life as the child of substance abusers led to her growing up years being spent in various foster homes. Austin, the oldest of six children, grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. He’s cowboy-tough, cool, calm, and collected—but his attraction to Sophia is red-hot, and he can’t let his feelings get in the way of keeping her safe and completing his mission. Sophia knows her big, strong, handsome, green-eyed protector can’t stay around forever, but that doesn’t stop her from wishing he could be a permanent part of her life. As the two of them work together to solve the mystery of the doctor’s murder, they realize that it’s not just their lives at stake—it’s their hearts as well. A great beginning to a much-anticipated romantic suspense series from the talented Carol Ericson.

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Alpha Bravo SEAL (Red, White and Built #2) Navy SEAL Protector When members of her film crew start being killed off, documentarian Nicole Hastings is relieved to find the man following her is Slade Gallagher—a navy SEAL sniper who once saved Nicole from Somali kidnappers. Now he's shadowing her to trap the terrorists behind the killings and find out just what they want. Nicole couldn't be more different from the women Slade usually falls for. But he quickly learns that there's a lot more to this socialite than he first thought. And as Slade's admiration for her courage and resilience grows, so does his yearning. Protecting Nicole is an assignment, but can he let her go when it's all over? ALPHA BRAVO SEAL by Carol Ericson

MY REVIEW: I greatly enjoy author Carol Ericson's thrilling romantic suspense reads with their intriguing and imaginative storylines and their captivating characters. "Alpha Bravo Seal" is Book 2 in the "Red, White and Built" series, and it is now one of my favorite books by Carol Ericson. I always become involved in following the action-adventure of the stories, but "Alpha Bravo Seal" has an extra-special love story at its core. Navy SEAL Sniper Slade Gallagher once saved the life of documentary film-maker Nicole Hastings when he freed her from captivity at the hands of extreme terrorists. The two of them didn't actually meet at that time, but now Slade is once again assigned to protect Nicole--this time on her home ground. Not exactly comfortable as a big-city bodyguard, Slade must think on his feet to keep Nicole safe. Smart, capable, and gorgeous, Nicole is more than a match for her handsome hero. The attraction is immediate, but the warm friendship which blooms between them grows into a real affair of the heart, with plenty of heat to keep sparks flying. Their relationship is natural and so well-written, and I couldn't wait to see how they could make the differences in their lives and lifestyles work out for a united, happy future. A great romantic suspense read from a great storyteller.

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Bullseye: SEAL (Red, White and Built #3) by Carol Ericson A navy SEAL's mission is to protect a vulnerable target, not give in to temptation... Saving Gina De Santos from attempted kidnappings is one thing. But navy SEAL sniper Josh Elliott's assignment requires getting close to the ravishing widow to ascertain what she knows. And that feels more dangerous than combat. In her presence, Josh has to remind himself she's not to be trusted. Gina's drug-kingpin father had been negotiating with terrorists when a CIA raid killed him and Gina's husband. Now someone is after the vulnerable single mom and her little boy. While traveling to the Caribbean in search of clues, Josh and Gina find their sizzling desire overpowering. But when they're attacked again, they must overcome their mutual mistrust to survive at the hands of an unknown enemy.

 MY REVIEW: “Bullseye: SEAL”, Book 3 in author Carol Ericson’s “Red, White and Built” series has Navy SEAL sniper Josh Elliott feeling the pressure of trying to keep an emotional distance from Gina De Santos, the woman he must protect and investigate. Josh was part of the elite sniper team who took down Gina’s own father and also her husband and others as they negotiated with terrorists. Gina was left a widow with a young son, but her knowledge and involvement with the terrorist group must be ascertained and clarified—is she a victim or an insider? More than a year after the elimination of the men in her life, Gina is trying to make a new life in the real estate business for herself and her son in Miami, but she finds herself the recipient of mysterious text messages asking for the whereabouts of drugs and weapons. Josh originally finds his way into her world under the cover of someone interested in buying a property, but eventually he must reveal his assignment as the danger of the situation closes in on them. As the threat escalates, so does the flare of attraction between Gina and Josh. To keep them all safe, he must stick to his mission and his training—above all he must do his utmost to seek out and destroy the ultimate evil of the terrorist leader, Vlad. Can Josh and Gina find a way to make a new family with her son and keep the ever-present dangers at bay? If you love contemporary romantic suspense, you will greatly enjoy the “Red, White and Built” series from the intriguing imagination of author Carol Ericson.

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Point Blank SEAL (Red, White and Built #4) You can keep your protocol--he'll go rogue to keep his family safe Tortured in captivity, navy SEAL Miguel Estrada owes his survival to his fiancée, the memory of her keeping him strong through his darkest moments. But when his escape is compromised by military protocol and he suspects the woman he loves is being targeted, he turns rogue. Jennifer Lynch has spent a year mourning Miguel and raising the baby he never met. But her reality is shaken once she finds him at her door and discovers they're all at risk. Putting his life on the line for Jennifer and their child, Miguel is forced to face some hard truths--and confront the secrets that might separate them permanently.


Author Carol Ericson says: "I was always a bookworm. I think most authors are. I started reading romance when I was about 12 or 13. The first romance novel I read was Victoria Holt’s Secret Woman. I went on to read all of Ms. Holt’s books and started devouring all the Gothic romances of that time. I’m also a huge Georgette Heyer fan and have read all of her books. As an English major at UCLA, I read a heavy dose of the classics, and later I started reading a lot of non-fiction and true crime. What better way to combine my love of romance with my interest in true crime than by writing romantic suspense?! I have written over 25 books for Harlequin Intrigue (check out my Books page!), and have self-published a few more books, including a romantic comedy (check out my Indie Books page!). I live near the beach in Southern California, and when I’m not writing, I’m reading, running on the beach, and going to my son’s water polo and soccer games. I have two teenage sons and a husband retired from law enforcement, who gives me an idea or two. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. I love hearing from readers, so let me know what’s on your mind. Also, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for news and contests and check out my blog for up-to-date info." Happy reading!

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