Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Behind the Scenes (Apart from the Crowd, #1) by Jen Turano Author Jen Turano long ago created her own genre. Her stories are always a reader's treat: the characters are captivating, the story lines are involving, and her writing is always infused throughout with delicious wit and abiding faith. "Behind the Scenes", Book One in the "Apart From the Crowd" series, is set in the societal whirl and world of New York City in the late 1800's. While Miss Permilia Griswold appears to onlookers to be a languishing wallflower, she is actually "Miss Quill", the mysterious gossip columnist with an insider's eye view of the whims and peccadilloes of the city's elite citizens. An overheard conversation leaves Permilia with knowledge of a threat against Mr. Asher Rutherford, a department store owner and a businessman on the rise. Convincing Mr. Rutherford that he is in danger is no easy task, and Permilia feels compelled to act upon her own resolve. Circumstances bring Permilia and Asher together, and admiration and unexpected attraction grows between them, but it will take faith and fortitude to see their way to a possible lifetime of lasting love. Once you read one story by Jen Turano, you will just have to read them all. Highly recommended. Book Copy Gratis Bethany House Books
True to You (Bradford Sisters Romance #1) by Becky Wade Becky Wade is a wonderfully talented author of contemporary inspirational romance. The characterizations and storylines are fresh and captivating, layered and nuanced. "True to You", Book One in the "Bradford Sisters Romance" series, is a classic opposites attract tale made new and appealing with its unique twists and turns. Nora Bradford is a genealogist and owner of a historical village who dedicates herself to her work and her love of books. Losing herself between the pages is preferable to dealing with the heartaches of real life. John Lawson is a former Navy Seal who is very much a man of the modern world. When John becomes diagnosed with a hereditary health condition, however, he must look to the past and beyond his adoptive family to seek answers that may bring much needed help for his concerns. Nora is just the person to help John in his quest, and spending time in each other's company brings a new light and hope for the future to both their lives. When all truths are revealed, can a great leap of faith bridge the gap between the past and the present? Highly recommended for lovers of heartwarming, uplifting contemporary romance. Book Copy Gratis Bethany House Books
Heart on the Line (Ladies of Harper’s Station #2) by Karen Witemeyer Karen Witemeyer writes engaging and entertaining tales of Inspirational Historical Western Romance. As the stories unfold, the characters experience both spiritual and personal growth while facing adventures and finding humor along the way. Of course, the romance is just perfect, with a hero and a heroine who learn about themselves while learning about each other. "Heart on the Line" is Book Two in the "Ladies of Harper's Station" series. Harper's Station is a little Texas town in the late 1800's where women rule the day and the democratic society they have created. Grace Mallory, on the run from a personal tragedy in Denver, Colorado, is a skilled telegraph operator. For some time, as "Miss G" she has connected with "Mr. A", a fellow telegrapher. Their friendship develops across the wires--a form of "frontier social media". When "Mr. A", Amos Bledsoe, relays a disturbing personal message to Grace from Colorado, her lack of response alarms him and propels him to seek her out. What follows is a charming and eventful courtship between two very likeable characters who must take a great leap of faith to solve a mystery and hold on to the "life-transforming" love that just may be their ultimate reward. A very lovely story from the talented Karen Witemeyer. Book Copy Gratis Bethany House Books
A Name Unknown (Shadows Over England #1) by Roseanna M. White Will a master thief have her own heart stolen and find a lasting and life-changing faith along the way? "A Name Unknown" is the stellar beginning to author Roseanna M. White's "Shadows Over England" series. Set in early 1900's England, with the threat of looming world war casting an ominous shadow over all, this intriguing inspirational Historical Romance features an unlikely heroine whose family is a band of street survivors who have graduated from pick-pocketing to relieving the upper echelon of society of their valuables, which may just include vital, secret information. Rosemary Gresham, one of the older "sisters" in the family receives an assignment which will pay her more than she has ever earned through her own particular skill set: She must infiltrate the realm of a certain writer of German descent to learn if his true loyalties lie with England or Germany. Peter Holstein pens his best-selling adventure novels under a "safe" pseudonym, and while he is a man of means and has friends of influence, he remains awkward in his personal life. Suffering from stuttering, Peter feels that he best communicates through his writing. Rosemary enters his life in the guise of an historian of esteem, she seems just the person to help him sort out his lineage and social standing and help him silence dangerous gossip-mongers. Neither of them is prepared for the relationship which grows between them, and their involvement brings unexpected personal and spiritual growth to them both. In such a time when suspicion and fear bring great change to everyday life, is there a chance for Rosemary and Peter to find the love of a lifetime? "A Name Unknown" is a marvelous treat for lovers of history and romance. Book Copy Gratis Bethany House Books AdChoices © 2017 AOL Inc. All Rights Reserved

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