Sunday, February 26, 2017

"WITH LOVE, WHEREVER YOU ARE"--Author Dandi Daley Mackall's poignant fictional retelling of her own parents' real-life WWII romance

With Love, Wherever You Are  by Dandi Daley Mackall


Everyone knows that war romances never last . . .

After a whirlwind romance and wedding, Helen Eberhart Daley, an army nurse, and Lieutenant Frank Daley, M.D. are sent to the front lines of Europe with only letters to connect them for months at a time.

Surrounded by danger and desperately wounded patients, they soon find that only the war seems real―and their marriage more and more like a distant dream. If they make it through the war, will their marriage survive?

Based on the incredible true love story, With Love, Wherever You Are is an adult novel from beloved children’s author Dandi Daley.

MY REVIEW:  “With Love, Wherever You Are”, from author Dandi Daley Mackall, rings true with a poignant resonance. The fictionalized account of her own parents’ real-life WWII romance and marriage, the story is based on facts gleaned from hundreds of letters, cards, and mementos, as well as the author’s personal insights. Helen Eberhart was a registered nurse, and Frank Daley was a medical doctor. They both served in WWII, and after they met, their hearts and lives were forever joined. Their courtship was quick, and after their wedding, they were each sent to different assignments in war-torn Europe, and letters--many, many letters—communicated their love during the deadliest of times. A love worth keeping is a love worth fighting for, and that is what you will find, along with so much more, in the story of Helen and Frank.

Book Copy Gratis Tyndale House Publishers

 A professional writer for over 20 years, Dandi Daley Mackall has written dozens of articles for popular magazines and published around 500 books for children and adults alike, with sales of over 4 million.

A frequent guest on radio and television talk shows, she lives in rural Ohio with her husband, three children, horses, dogs, & cats. Awards include the Edgar Award for Best YA Mystery, the Helen Keating Ott Award for Contributions to Children's Literature; Distinguished Alumni Award from Mizzou; ALA Best Book; Christian Children's Book of the Year, Amelia Bloom, Mom's Choice Awards. Her YA novel, My Boyfriends' Dogs, is now a Hallmark movie.


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