Saturday, April 9, 2016

"TRUTH ALWAYS KILLS"--Instantly compelling--a top-notch contemporary crime-noir thriller from author Rick Ollerman

Truth Always Kills
Jeff Prentiss's life is a mess. As a homicide detective working in St. Petersburg, he knows he's made too many mistakes and made too many enemies. When his wife's ex-husband, Roy Lee Evans, is released from prison and threatens his family, Jeff does what he must to keep them safe. Now fighting for his career, his wife Lori believes he knows more about Evans' whereabouts than he's willing to say. With his family life strained to the breaking point, a "celebrity" thief is found dead, and Jeff and his new partner find themselves roasting in the media spotlight. There's a disc that ties the dead man to a political bigshot in Tampa, but the link doesn't make any sense.

Everything keeps coming back to Lori's missing ex, even as the case points to an organized crime operation. Jeff compounds old mistakes with new ones and as the investigation continues, he begins a slow descent into his own darkened version of Hell. Should he share everything with his partner, be honest with Lori? Only she's disappeared and Jeff is a man in search of the truth, but he knows that if he finds it, it just might kill them all.
MY REVIEW:  Instantly compelling, “Truth Always Kills” is a top-notch contemporary crime-noir thriller from author Rick Ollerman.  As his personal and professional lives collide to crash and burn, Florida homicide detective Jeff Prentiss is fighting to keep his family safe and somehow keep his career alive. His wife Lori takes their daughter Roxy and leaves Jeff when she is unsure of his role in the disappearance of her ex-husband, Roy Lee Evans, who has just been released from prison. The murder of an infamous celebrated thief brings the hot, white glare of the media attention on to the investigation of the case by Jeff and his partner, Terry Moran. The dead thief may be connected to a big-time politico, and the murky question of the whereabouts of Roy Lee Evans clouds the air along with the stench of organized crime. The best, most-readable lawmen are those whose personal flaws are at war with their skills at law enforcement. Fascinatingly imperfect, and impossible to resist. Author Rick Ollerman’s other works include “Turnabout” and “Shallow Secrets”.

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Rick Ollerman was born in Minneapolis but moved to more humid pastures in Florida when he got out of school. He made his first dollar from writing when he sent a question into a crossword magazine as a very young boy. Later he went on to hold world records for various large skydives, has appeared in a photo spread in LIFE magazine, another in The National Enquirer, can be seen on an inspirational poster shown during the opening credits of a popular TV show, and has been interviewed on CNN. He was also an extra in the film Purple Rain where he had a full screen shot a little more than nine minutes in. His writing has appeared in technical and sporting magazines and he has edited, proofread, and written numerous introductions for many books. He's never found a crossword magazine that pays more than that first dollar and in the meantime lives in northern New Hampshire with his wife, two children and two Golden Retrievers.

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