Sunday, February 28, 2016

From author Natasha Solomons: "The Song of Hartgrove Hall" is a multi-textured novel, touching upon themes of love, loss, creativity, and mortality, while also weaving together two distinct timelines


The Song of Hartgrove Hall: A Novel by Natasha Solomons

A captivating novel that evokes the author’s New York Times bestseller The House at Tyneford 

Natasha Solomons’s breathtaking new novel has it all: a love triangle, family obligations, and rediscovering joy in the face of grief, all set against the alluring backdrop of an English country estate.

It's a terrible thing to covet your brother’s girl

New Year’s Eve, 1946. Candles flicker, a gramophone scratches out a tune as guests dance and sip champagne— for one night Hartgrove Hall relives better days. Harry Fox-Talbot and his brothers have returned from the war determined to save their once grand home from ruin. But the arrival of beautiful wartime singer Edie Rose tangles the threads of love and duty, and leads to a devastating betrayal.

Fifty years later, now a celebrated composer, Fox reels from the death of his adored wife, Edie. Until his connection with his four-year old grandson - a piano prodigy – propels him back into life, and ultimately to confront his past. An enthralling novel about love and treachery, joy after grief, and a man forced to ask: is it ever too late to seek forgiveness?

About the setting…

Dorset is a historic county of Southwestern England. It is bordered by the English Channel (South) and the counties of Devon (West), Hampshire (East), and Somerset and Wiltshire (both North). The historic town of Dorchester, in the South, is the county seat. Dorset is mainly rural. Agriculture remains the major use of land. Dorset is steeped in history, and was the inspiration for Thomas Hardy’s “Casterbridge”. Locally quarried Portland and Purebeck stone is found in Dorset’s old stone buildings. Old world thatched cottages are typical in this area, as are many beautiful old manors and farmhouses, which are a reminder of its rich agricultural heritage. Dorset’s charming countryside has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Natasha Solomons is a writer and the New York Times bestselling author of The Gallery of Vanished Husbands, The House at Tyneford, and Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English. She lives in Dorset England, with her husband, the writer David Solomons, and their two young children. Song of Hartgrove Hall is her fourth novel.

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