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"The Potter's Lady" is Book Two in author Judith Miller's "Refined by Love" series. Readers are once again treated to the beautiful setting of the mountains of West Virginia. Newly graduated from the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, Rose McKay is eager to put what she has learned to practical use. Rejoining her family in Grafton, West Virginia, Rose is determined to convince her brother, Ewan, to invest in a pottery-making business. She is equally determined to use her own ideas and newly-acquired design skills to make their venture a success. Rylan Campbell had worked his way up through the years to becoming the assistant to the owner and operator of the pottery business, and now he had to adjust to the new owners and their ways of thinking and doing business. Competition is strong from a rival local pottery maker, and a design competition offered by a prestigious hotel seems a good way for McKay Pottery to make their name known in the industry. Rose and Rylan must put their differences of opinion aside to work for the good of the company. Time spent together brings a new appreciation of each other's skills and abilities, and awareness of one another as more than coworkers. Hopes for a happy future are now broadened to include a wish for personal joy along with success and recognition. The faith that carried Rose through trying times as a social outcast immigrant at the school will also see her through the conflicts caused by those who do not share in the happy dreams of the McKay clan. Judith Miller is a wonderful writer who enriches each of her stories with well-researched, involving historical detail and charming, compelling characterizations. Readers will also enjoy "The Brickmaker's Bride", Book One in the "Refined by Love" series.
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All of the elements readers love in Regency romance are to be found in "A Noble Masquerade"--a delightful debut work from author Kristi Ann Hunter. This inspirational historical romance with touches of humor and mystery will keep the reader's interest, and they will smile as they turn the pages. Lady Miranda Hawthorne comports herself as a proper lady, even while in the tenure of her fourth London season. Since childhood, her longing for a life of freedom and adventure has been secretly detailed in unsent missives written to Marshington, an old school friend of her brother, Griffith. When one of the letters is discovered by Griffith's new valet Marlow, and the man mails the letter to Marshington--now the grown up Ryland Montgomery, Duke of Marshington--complications ensue. Miranda is equally captivated by Marlow and by Ryland, who begins to correspond with her. As confusing emotions swirl around Miranda, intrigue builds and tensions increase. Who will Miranda choose when mysteries are resolved and true identities are revealed? Through it all faith has a guiding hand, and when all is said and done, will love and a hopeful future be the heart's reward?
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Author Roseanna M. White begins her "Ladies of the Manor" series with "The Lost Heiress", an Inspirational Historical Romance set in the early twentieth century. Although her childhood is spent in the royal palace of Monaco, Brook Eden bears a British birthright with uncertain origins. Raised by the royal family, the Grimaldis, Brook was once thought to be the illegitimate daughter of Prince Louis, heir to the throne, and opera diva Collette Sabatini. After that assumption proves false, mystery remains as to the truth of Brook's ancestry. Determined to find her real family, Brook seeks help from her lifelong friend, Justin Wildon, Lord Harlow. When Justin travels to England to further his education, Brook asks him to investigate her lineage, and he discovers that she is actually the Baroness of Berkley, and heiress to a sizable estate. Her real father, the Earl of Whitby, is alive and anxious to finally meet her. Travel to the estate of her newly-found family brings a few answers and even more questions. A tragic history may be repeating itself, and Brook will need the strength of her faith and the support of her dear friend Justin to help her courage remain steadfast. Justin has his own issues of inheritance to deal with, and as changing circumstances bring about new responsibilities, the relationship between Justin and Brook also changes. Has the friendship that began so long ago deepened into the love of a lifetime? Can the bond they share survive threats to their happiness and grow into a future filled with joy? "The Lost Heiress" is an involving, intriguing Inspirational Historical Romance from author Roseanna M. White.
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Karen Witemeyer is a talented writer who creates charming characters and gives them very entertaining story lines. Threaded throughout all of her books is an underlying core of deep, abiding faith. In "A Worthy Pursuit", Charlotte Atherton, also known as "Lottie" is the dedicated headmistress of Sullivan's Academy for Exceptional Youths. When the school abruptly closes under questionable circumstances, Lottie is forced into action to protect the children in her care. One girl in particular, orphaned Lily Dorchester, had been placed under Lottie's guardianship through written documentation by the child's mother, Rebekah. Two young boys, whose neglectful families chose to ignore the children as much as possible, would accompany Lottie and Rebekah on their flight to safety. Along for the ride, was Mr. Dobson, a worker from the school who accepted Lottie's decision without question. Lottie knew very well who was behind the closing of the school--Randolph Dorchester, who wanted to reclaim his granddaughter. Lottie had promised Lily's mother to keep the child from her grandfather, and she meant to stay true to her vow. Stone Hammond, bounty hunter extraordinaire, known as the best tracker in Texas, has never come home without his quarry. How hard could it be to retrieve a young girl from a schoolmarm on the lam? When the real situation turns out to be much different than he expected, Stone must rethink his purpose in pursuing a small girl and the feisty woman so fiercely protecting little Lily. An attack by a bobcat threatening the children leaves Stone wounded, and a grateful Lottie allows him to stay with them while he recuperates. As mutual attraction and admiration grown between Lottie and Stone, trust and hope begin to take root. Is there a way to ensure Lily's happy future, and will that future include a newly-formed family with Lottie and Stone? A leap of faith, a kind turn by the hand of fate, and a real and lasting love will all come together to answer this most urgent question of the heart. "A Worthy Pursuit" is indeed a worthy choice for lovers of historical romance.
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