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AUTHOR TERRY SPEAR--"The Highlanders" series--recommended for lovers of tough-tender Highland warriors whose capacity to love is as great as their strength in battle

The Highlander 

Anora, the shepherdess, finds a half-naked man in her bed, so what's a woman living alone in a cottage in the Lowlands of Scotland supposed to do? Prod him with her pitchfork to chase him off! Only the man is not just a traveler seeking her bed for a rest—but a wounded Highlander, who fights back, swinging his sword!

Niall MacNeill is searching for a Frenchwoman of nobility to escort to his cousin's castle for safekeeping, when he and his friend, Gunnolf, are attacked by another Highland clan, seeking the same woman. The other Highlanders wish to sell her to the highest bidder—English or French—it does not matter.

Niall takes refuge in a sheepherder's cottage to heal up from his wounds and discovers the shepherdess taking care of him may very well be the woman he seeks. He has no intention of doing anything but what his cousin requests of him—ensure her safety on their way to Craigly Castle—but when the lass so bravely wields her pitchfork at him, he is thinking of other, more interesting possibilities.


Niall MacNeill, cousin and "like a brother" to the famed MacNeill brothers of author Terry Spear's " The Highlanders" series, is finally the star of his own story in "The Highlander". Niall and his friend and compatriot, Gunnolf, have been sent on a mission to locate a French noblewoman and escort her to a MacNeill stronghold for safekeeping. While on their search, Niall and Gunnolf are attacked by a rival Highland clan who seek the same woman--their purpose to sell her to the highest bidder--the buyer matters nought. Wounded during the ambush, and separated from Gunnolf, Niall finds refuge in a sheepherder's cottage. However, it is not a shepherd who awakens him by prodding him with a pitch fork--it is the bonny shepherdess Anora, who lives alone in the cottage and considers Highlanders to be barbarians. Nonetheless, Anora tends Niall's wounds, feeds him and offers him shelter for the night. The more time that Niall spends with Anora, and the more he learns of her history, the more he suspects she may be the Frenchwoman whom he seeks. When the men who ambushed Niall and Gunnolf arrive at the cottage, Anora and Niall are forced to fight for their lives. Later, they are reunited with Gunnolf, and the three of them began a treacherous journey that will be filled with intrigue, peril, and a growing love between Niall and his noble shepherdess. When all truths are revealed, who will Anora really be? Niall knows that he wants her for his very own, but will that be possible? What will be Anora's heart's desire? The men of the MacNeill clan are fearsome in battle, intelligent and strong-willed. When they find the special woman who will rule their heart, they are tender, protective and passionate. "The Highlanders" series from author Terry Spear--recommended for lovers of tough-tender Highland warriors whose capacity to love is as great as their strength in battle.

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Taming the Wild Highlander (Highlander Medieval, #4)
Edana Chattan senses concerns where people she knows could be in danger. When her brothers warn her they're in trouble, she can't convince her father to listen to her, so with an escort, she tries to locate them. Separated from her escort during a storm, she is discovered by Angus MacNeill, who is tasked to return her home. Only Edana has other notions--and convinces him and his companions to allow her to use her abilities to locate her brothers who are manacled in a dungeon somewhere. That leads to a faux marriage and more dungeons and more trouble than Angus had ever thought possible. So why is the bewitching, fiery-haired lass making him think of marrying her for real?


The youngest MacNeill brother, Angus, comes into his own with "Taming the Wild Highlander, the fourth book in author Terry Spear's Medieval-Era "Highlanders" series. As a youth, Angus MacNeill had become enchanted with young Edana Chattan, who was said to have been "touched by the Fae"--the sum of her powers unknown. The Chattans and MacNeills were friendly clans, and the sons and daughters of the clan families would gather together, although Angus was too shy to speak to Edana. Years later, as a man battle-proven in the Crusades alongside his brothers, Angus will be called upon to find and bring home the missing Edana. Both blessed and cursed with the power of mental telepathy, Edana had received a plea for help from her brothers, who had gone to visit a cousin. Something was desperately wrong, and none of her five brothers had returned, so they were all in peril. Due to a misunderstanding with her father, she could not tell him of the messages she was hearing from her brothers, and she set off to rescue them herself. When Laird Chattan realized that all of his sons and his daughter were unaccounted for, he asked the MacNeills for their help. Angus set off to find Edana, beginning a fateful journey which will change their lives forever. When Angus and his men find Edana, they insist upon returning her to her father and then going to search for her brothers. After much pleading, Edana convinces Angus that they must not waste time, and she must go with them. More than ever under the spell of his attraction to her, he enjoys the time spent with Edana. She also finds Angus quite appealing--she has never known the attention of a young man--they were all afraid of her supernatural abilities. Angus puts together a plan to seek entry to the castle where they think the Chattan brothers are being held. He and Edana will pose as husband and wife, travelers seeking hospitality from the laird of the keep. Their plans go much astray however, and eventually they must marry for real, something to which neither one truly objects. Angus has long held Edana in his heart, and she cares deeply for him as well. Not everyone is happy about their union, and there is one who will not rest until he has Edana for his own. Angus will let no other man claim his wife--only he will be the one to tame his "Wild Highlander Bride". A rousing historical romance with added elements of suspense and the paranormal. Another entertaining saga featuring the MacNeill brothers from author Terry Spear.

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Highland Rake (Highlander Medieval, #3)
Dougald MacNeill is the next to youngest MacNeill brother and he's not about to settle down, until Lady Alana Cameron is placed squarely in his lap...and then, the trouble begins.

When Dougald finds Alana roaming the heather on the MacNeill lands, he takes her in hand to see his laird brother James at Craigly Castle to determine her fate. But who has sent her there and why? Her uncle, laird of the Cameron clan, that has warred with the MacNeills for years, has made a marriage arrangement with another clan and now that is even at stake.

Having witnessed her father's death, and even believing he had returned her home when all along he had been dead, Alana discovers she has the gift, or curse, of seeing the newly departed and sometimes those who should have long ago passed over. Her own deceased brother continues to plague her, the rake, and now another, who is very much of the flesh, Dougald MacNeill, has her thinking marrying a rake might just have its benefits. Dougald's sister, who is one feisty ghost, has offered to help Alana keep Dougald in line if he thinks of even straying.

But who sent Alana on a fool's errand in the first place to remove her from the Cameron's lands and set her squarely in Dougald's care, and who really killed her father and her brother, and what has it all to do with Alana? Will she and Dougald learn the truth before it is too late?


Medieval Scotland is the perfect setting for paranormal historical romance in author Terry Spear's "Highland Rake". An involving, atmospheric tale, this is a very well-written and well-paced story line with engaging and intriguing characters. Lady Alana Cameron was present when her father and many of her clan were attacked and killed. Both blessed and cursed by an ability to see and speak with the dead, it was her deceased father who guided her home to safety after he and his clansmen were killed in an ambush. As a grown woman, Alana is a respected healer, and known to converse with spirits. One of the ghosts from whom she receives visitations is her recently deceased brother, Connell. A known rogue and ladies man, Alana and her uncle both felt that his dalliances would lead to his death--and they did. He was killed by a jealous husband who caught Connell with his wife. When Alana is summoned to aide an ailing woman who is with child, she crosses onto the forbidden lands of the MacNeills--a rival clan. Someone has deceived her into treading on MacNeill territory, and Dougald MacNeill takes her into his custody in order to present her to his older brother James, the head of the MacNeill clan. Dougald is even more of a known rake than was her brother Connell, but Alana cannot help noticing his great charm and appeal. James decides that the only course of action to save Alana's reputation and hold off a bitter and deadly clash with the Camerons is to have Dougald wed Alana. Though they have just met, and each first had mistrust of the other, they both agree to the marriage. When Alana's uncle arrives to bring home his niece, she is already wed to Dougald, who agrees to live with the Camerons and one day take her uncle's place as head of the clan. Connell, who had followed Alana, is not the only ghost in the MacNeill stronghold. Seana MacNeill, sister of James and Dougald, had died after running off to marry a man of whom her family did not approve. Seana is delighted to be able to speak with Alana, but Connell raises her ire with his teasing. There is much plotting and planning throughout the clans of the realm, and not everyone would see Dougald and Alana happily wed. Can Dougald protect the bride whom he loves and desires, and can he keep peace among the clans? Will Alana find the security she needs in the love of her husband to set the nightmares of the past behind her? I absolutely loved this story, and I became completely involved with the characters. The respect that Dougald had for Alana and her intelligence and unusual abilities made him one awesome Highland Hero! Recommended for lovers of skillfully-crafted paranormal highland romance, rich in history, romance, and intrigue!

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Lady Eilis Dunbarton’s life undergoes a drastic change with the death of her cousin, Agnes. Now she’s faced with the disagreeable prospect of marrying the man who was to be her cousin’s husband. Not by a change of contract, though. Instead, by deceit—pretending to be her cousin. But if her husband-to-be discovers she’s not really Agnes, her life is forfeit. So what choice does Eilis have but to flee? When Laird James MacNeill’s clan rescues a half-drowned lass from the sea, there is speculation she is of the enemy clan, especially since she doesn’t remember her own name. James is immediately enticed with the lady, but his focus must remain on finding the proper bride. For if he does not wed soon, he must give up his holdings to one of his younger brothers. Focus slips away with each day Eilis is close, and James finds himself contemplating the thought of taking her to wife without knowing her true identity. But how dangerous would the end result be? And what will happen if Eilis’s husband-to-be comes looking for her only to find her in the arms of another man?


Author Terry Spear's unique talents as a storyteller take the reader on a wonderfully romantic journey to twelfth century Britain in "The Accidental Highland Hero". Laird James MacNeill must make a suitably profitable marriage or forfeit the title to his land holdings to one of his younger brothers. Lady Eilis is being forced to impersonate her late cousin Agnes in order to marry Agnes' intended, keeping Eilis' family from losing the chance to settle a feud with a rival clan. Eilis' uncle sends her by ship to wed the much older Laird Dunbarton, keeping behind her younger brother, Ethan, to ensure that she will follow through with the deceit. The ship carrying her to her fate wrecks at sea, and she is rescued by the MacNeill clan, who are the sworn enemies of the Dunbartons. James MacNeill had been anticipating a visit from the comely widow, Catriona, whom he hoped to wed. Instead, he becomes host and guardian of a mystery woman plucked from the sea. When Catriona delays her visit, James' own mother comes up with the idea of a pretend attraction between James and Eilis, whose memory has been affected by her near-death experience along with the onset of fever. The idea is to hasten Catriona's acceptance of James proposal by making her jealous. The attraction between James and Eilis is quite real, and although her memory is returning in random pieces, James cannot shake the notion that they have met before. Could she be the same girl whose life he saved years before? While James has his hands full with the women in his life, there are far more serious matters concerning the ongoing feud with the Dunbartons. Eilis' numerous attempts to escape from the MacNeills are as worrisome to James as are the deep feelings transcending his desire for the mysterious beauty. With no idea of Eilis' real identity, how can they hope for a future together? Will James be able to bring an end to an ancient clan feud and marry the woman he cannot resist? If Eilis remembers her true place in this world, will James be able to be a part of that world? The teasing banter and sweetly sensual attraction between James and Eilis is very enjoyable, and you will root for this unlikely pair to make their match.

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Lady Anice vows to flee the amorous advances of King Henry I, and return to her home in the Highlands, where she hopes to find a laird to wed, when she learns her staff has vanished. Premonitions of imminent danger warn her of foul play and she is certain she is cursed when it comes to marriage.

The king orders the Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill, seeking an English bride, to provide the lass safe escort and learn what has become of her staff. Escorting her home safely proves a dangerous trial in and of itself and keeping his heart out of the matter, when the king wishes her wed to one of his loyal barons instead, complicates issues further. Losing his heart to the lass means Malcolm could very well lose his head.


"Winning the Highlander's Heart" is an entertaining romantic adventure from author Terry Spear. Set in Britain during the reign of Henry I, this tale of a spirited Scottish beauty and a brawny Highland laird will have great appeal for lovers of historical romance. Lady Anice, Countess of Brecken, is cousin to Matilda, wife of Henry I. A ward of his majesty, she is also the object of his amorous attentions. An attempt to flee Arundel Castle by climbing out a window finds Anice caught in the arms of the stalwart Highlander, Malcolm MacNeill, Earl of Pembrintin. While Malcolm is tempted by the charms of the lady whom he catches, after two mishaps with Scottish marital prospects he has sworn to find an English bride with a suitable fortune. The king may want to dally with Lady Anice, but he seeks to marry her off to a fortuitous Norman mate. Anice wants nothing more than to return to her home in Brecken Castle. Prone to premonitions, she has a feeling all is not well, and word reaches the king that the steward, chamberlain, and treasurer have all vanished under mysterious circumstances. King Henry appoints Laird MacNeill and his brothers to escort Lady Anice to Brecken Castle. The MacNeills will stand in stead for the missing men until the mystery is solved, and until the arrival of the Norman chosen by the king to marry Lady Anice. The spark of attraction that flared from the first meeting between Malcolm and Anice threatens to roar into life as they are forced into each other's company. The Highlander cannot resist teasing and tempting the lovely Scottish lady, and she finds him equally attractive and intriguing. Malcolm has sworn to the king to protect Lady Anice, but can he protect himself from the desires of his heart? Anice is intelligent and proud, but she is vulnerable to her feelings toward the compelling Highland laird. Can she trust her life and her emotions to a man who swore to wed a wealthy English bride? Terry Spear's writing is rich in historical detail and offers delightful romantic sparring between two very appealing characters.

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Terry Spear

Love, love, love romance, the paranormal, hunky Highlanders with their delicious brogue and hot kilts, so Terry Spear writes about those hunky Highlanders both in medieval times and as wolves in contemporary times. Jaguar shifters too! And young adult urban fantasy. And romantic suspense. She grew up reading mystery, adventure, mythologies from around the world, ghost stories, the paranormal, fell in love with Dracula and Wolfman, and felt they needed loving too. Everyone should have someone to love. Which means her stories always have a HEA.

USA Today Bestseller residing in Central Texas from Sacramento, California who creates award-winning teddy bears too!

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