Monday, April 23, 2018

THE LION OF THE SOUTH--author Jessica James transports readers to the Civil War-Era with a poignant and intriguing historical romance

With beautifully descriptive language, an amazing eye for historical detail, and a great love of subject, author Jessica James transports her readers into the very lives of characters who lived long ago. "The Lion of the South" is a compelling Civil War-Era romance--filled with thrilling history and suspense, and enriched by a poignant love story. Near the midpoint of the Civil War, Julia Dandridge comes home to Virginia from a life in Washington City to a find world in turmoil. People and places held so very dear are now forever changed. A bold and mysterious figure known as "The Lion of the South" makes daring, seemingly impossible strikes against the Union Army to rally the Confederacy. As Julia's concerns grow for her despondent friend, Landon Graham, and for her own brother, Gideon, she becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue and great personal risk. When circumstances force her to choose between her brother's life and the fate of the man who has stolen her heart, how can she bear to lose one to save the other? A highly recommended treat for lovers of historical romance, as are Jessica James other works "Noble Cause" and "Above and Beyond".

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