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The Bridge (Brody Law, #1)
His past is coming back to haunt him, and only one woman can bring this detective the redemption he needs in Carol Ericson's new miniseries, Brody Law.

Under the Golden Gate, Elise Duran refused to be a serial killer's next victim. She was the first of the abducted to survive. And Detective Sean Brody was there to make sure a second chance wouldn't be necessary.

As the elusive murderer sends them messages, both personal and gruesome, the point becomes clear: no one can escape death. But Sean's presence can't be any stronger as he shadows Elise while on the job—and off it—proving she couldn't have asked for a better protector. Though beneath his cool exterior Sean hides a troublesome secret. One that's absolutely to die for…
MY REVIEW:  If you love an intense, protector hero who meets his match in a strong, intelligent heroine, then you will greatly enjoy "The Bridge", from author Carol Ericson. Kicking off her thrilling new "Brody Law" series, the author sets her story line in atmospheric San Francisco, California. Elise Duran survives the horror of a serial killer's attack, and homicide detective Sean Brody makes it his personal mission to protect the brave, beautiful crime victim and witness. However, the heinous "Alphabet Killer" is relentless, and Sean becomes an unshakeable presence in Elise's life. As protection leads to passion and more, Brody's past threatens his new love and hopes for a happy future, but Elise is not about to let go without a fight. Together, can they bring down a killer and build a new life, one of unexpected joy and adventure? An awesome kick-off to a great new romantic suspense series from author Carol Ericson!

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The District

The quicker Special Agent Christina Sandoval brings a serial killer to justice, the sooner she can get back to her daughter. Reason enough for the FBI to send her a partner—who also happens to be her ex-fiancé, Eric Brody.

While Eric's own kidnapping as a child has left him with a sense of justice that never failed, his relationship with Christina had. Now the deeper they dig into the current case, the more personal things get. Trying to capture an elusive killer who seems to know more about Christina than Brody ever did, they'll both need to stop holding back. Or fall victim to this private war, waged without boundaries…
MY REVIEW:  Author Carol Ericson's compelling "Brody Law" series continues with Book 2, "The District". San Francisco is the atmospheric setting for this intriguing romantic suspense tale which blends factual crime scene investigative procedures with paranormal psychic intuitions. Two FBI agents with an intense personal history are reunited to track down a heinous serial killer. Christina Sandoval never expected to be partnered with her former fiance, Eric Brody. The two of them both worked for the FBI, but in different divisions. Now, brought together on a complex case with personal ties to them both, passions and emotions are running high. Christina's family legacy of witchcraft and psychic abilities is intertwined with tragedies from Eric's own past. His father, a policeman working on a serial killer case, had apparently taken his own life after being accused of the crimes. Eric, just twelve at the time, had been kidnapped and emotionally traumatized by all that had occurred. When Eric and Christina had been previously involved, events took place which made it look as though Christina had become intimate with Eric to gain information about his father for an explosive tell-all book. Eric had broken up with her and fled to whereabouts unknown--all without knowing that she was carrying his child. Now that they are back in each other's close company, the truth will have to come out. Christina can clear her name with Eric, and he will learn that he is the father of a beautiful young daughter. Will clearing the air clear the way for a happy future together? When threats to their safety hit all too close to home, will their powerful combination of passion and professionalism be stronger than the evil around them? Another top-notch romantic suspense tale from author Carol Ericson.

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The Wharf
True crime writer Kacie Manning vowed to expose the serial killer suspected of murdering her mother. And she was going to use the killer's son to do it. But Ryan Brody wasn't at all what she expected….

The sexy police chief hoped Kacie could clear his father's name, never expecting the beautiful journalist to have other motives. Then her life was threatened, and Ryan's protective instincts kicked into overdrive. Now, as his past came back to haunt him and Kacie, Ryan had no choice but to find out what really tore his family apart twenty-five years ago. It was a truth he had to face if he wanted to keep Kacie safe—and maybe even in his life.
MY REVIEW:  The "Brody Law" series from Carol Ericson continues to sizzle with Book Three, "The Wharf". Once again combing suspense and sensuality with scintillating results, the author continues the hunt for "The Phone Book Killer" and the truth surrounding respected San Francisco police officer Joseph Brody's supposed guilt and suicide. Brody's four sons were devastated by the implication of their father being a serial killer, and his suicide via a leap from the Golden Gate Bridge was a stunning loss. Small-town police chief Ryan Brody, along with his three brothers, has never believed his father's guilt, nor has he ever accepted that his father took his own life. Determined to find the truth to bring justice to his father's name and peace of mind for his family, Ryan agrees to work with crime journalist Kacie Manning to unearth the secrets of the killings and bring the facts to light. What Ryan doesn't know is that Kacie has secrets of her own--her birth mother was the killer's first victim. Kacie was later adopted by a family who moved to Seattle, Washington. Back in San Francisco, Kacie is certain that Joseph Brody was the murderer, and she intends to use any means necessary--including manipulating Ryan Brody--to find the answers she seeks. What Kacie never anticipated was the electric chemistry that would ignite between Ryan and herself, and she is caught between duty and desire. Ryan fell for Kacie the first time he saw her--when he rescued her from a near-miss attempt on her life. When he discovers Kacie's hidden agenda, will he forgive her deceit? If the real killer is found and all is revealed, will Kacie be able to live with the consequences? Will there be a chance for a happy future for Ryan and Kacie? A recommended series for lovers of thrilling romantic suspense.

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The Hill (Brody Law, #4)
As a P.I., he was used to protecting people. But one beautiful heiress is challenging every move he makes in the conclusion of Carol Ericson's Brody Law miniseries.
When P.I. Judd Brody agreed to safeguard socialite London Breck, he expected a fluff gig filled with parties and paparazzi. But the bombshell blonde was nothing like the wild princess he'd seen in the media...and his undeniable attraction to her was as real as the threats to her life.

The missteps of London's past didn't compare to the fear she now faced. With her sexy bodyguard by her side, she vowed to confront the conspiracy haunting her family. London couldn't imagine surviving this without Judd. She'd help him get the answers she needed. But she had no intention of watching him walk away once he did....
MY REVIEW:  "The Hill" is an exciting and entertaining finale to author Carol Ericson's "Brody Law" series. Set in San Francisco, this suspenseful four-book saga follows the adventures of the Brody brothers as they deal with current-day issues and also work to resolve the decades old mystery of "The Phone Book Killer". Their once-respected lawman father, Joseph Brody, had been implicated as the killer, and he apparently took his own life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. His body was never found, and his sons were left to deal with the devastating emotional aftermath. The author did a great job with this series by creating four distinctive personalities for the brothers, and then finding their match-mates in four equally unique female characters. In "The Hill", youngest brother Judd Brody works as a private investigator and provides protective services for a very elite and wealthy clientele. Beautiful blonde heiress and media magnet London Breck turns out to be far more than a pretty face and paparazzi princess. She's both dazzling and down-to-earth, and she's more than a match for Judd in more ways than he cares to admit. When she hires him to investigate suspicious activity involving the company she inherited from her father--including threats to her personal safety--they discover that their families have a mutual history which may help them to solve the mystery of "The Phone Book Killer". The problem is, they'll have to stay alive long enough to prove it, and then maybe they'll have a chance to found out if the sparks between them will soon burn out or lead to a lasting passion of a lifetime. "The Hill" brings the "Brody Law" romantic suspense series to a satisfying solution and offers readers a terrific twist of events at the exciting conclusion of the book.

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